Minecraft Dungeons officially releases ‘Hidden Depths’ DLC and major free update, changelog available

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If you enjoyed everything Minecraft Dungeons has to offer, today will be a good day. Mojang Studios is officially releasing the Minecraft Dungeons Hidden Depths DLC today, which adds a wide range of additional content for players to enjoy in this co-op-focused action-RPG adventure. The Hidden Depths downloadable content for Minecraft Dungeons is the fifth premium expansion for the Minecraft spin-off from Mojang Studios and is now available for Minecraft Dungeons on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PC, PS5, PS4, and Switch.

Hidden Depths features three new levels that take place underwater, creating vibrant and beautiful environments for players to explore. Going underwater also presents unique challenges, such as changes to dashing and arrow physics, oxygen levels, and more. On top of that, players will also have to overcome hordes of new monster types, including Guardians, Drowned, and additional variants of existing monsters like Sunken Skeletons. Gamers won’t be doing this for nothing, as Mojang Studios has added a bunch of powerful gear for you to discover and experiment with.

Players can grab the Hidden Depths DLC for Minecraft Dungeons alone, or you can get the Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass and get the Hidden Depths DLC in addition to Howling Peaks and Flames of the Nether. Either way, you’ll get the adorable baby turtle cosmetic pet!

There is something here for everyone, however. Minecraft Dungeons is also rolling out a completely free update alongside Hidden Depths, which will add new enchantments, balance changes and bug fixes, and a brand new feature with Raid Captains! These powerful mobs are scattered throughout the world of Minecraft Dungeons, and defeating them will make everything at this level more powerful. If you succeed, however, you’ll earn some super powerful loot.

Finally, the Minecraft Dungeons Anniversary Event kicks off today, with plenty of challenges and seasonal trials for players. Emerge victorious in these trials to earn exclusive gear, including new armor, melee weapon, bow, and cosmetic cape, all celebrating one year of Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons and the free update for Hidden Depths are included with Xbox Game Pass for Xbox, PC, and Xbox Cloud Gaming. If you want the full Hidden Depths experience, grab the Minecraft Dungeons premium DLC or Season Pass. You can also play with a friend who owns Hidden Depths to access all of its content.

In case you were hesitant to give Minecraft Dungeons a try, know that it’s one of our favorites and among the best Xbox games around.

The complete changelog for the Minecraft Dungeons Hidden Depths DLC and Patch update includes:

DLC Hidden Depths

Downloadable Content Features

  • Three new underwater missions
  • A mix of salty new mobs and enemies
  • New Weapons, Gear, and Artifacts
  • Two new skins and a baby turtle pet

New weapons

Anchor (Melee) Embedded Anchor (Single Melee) Bubble Bow (Range) Bubble Burster (Single Range) Coral Blade (Melee) Sponge Strike (Single Melee) Harpoon Crossbow (Range) Rugged Harpoon (Single Range)

New armor

  • squid armor
  • Luminescent Squid Armor (Unique)
  • turtle armor
  • Nimble Turtle Armor (Unique)

New Artifacts

  • The Eye of the Guardian
  • harpoon quiver
  • Pouch of elixirs
  • Snack bag

Free update

Raid Captains

  • Taking down these dangerous enemies will immediately change the way you play. Defeat them and they’ll drop one of two tokens: one that instantly increases the threat level of the mission and another that adds a rules modifier to your current mission
  • Survive the mission with Tokens in tow and you’ll earn the Raid Captain’s Bounty, a special reward upon completing the mission. Look for these Raid Captains to add a new level of challenge and rewards to your missions!

New Enchantments

  • Guard Strike (Melee)
  • Luck of the Sea (Armor)
  • Multi-charge (remote)
  • Refresh (ranged and melee)
  • Rush (Armor)

Disable screen shake

  • Added a toggle to accessibility settings that allows players to enable or disable screen shake

New Achievements

  • 10 new Achievements / Trophies to unlock during your adventures

Bug fixes

  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Local co-op can now be played on PlayStation 4 without signing into a Microsoft account
  • Fixed number of enchanted monster kills or mini-bosses not updating correctly for vendor progress and achievement progress
  • Poison damage now scales with item power
  • Artifact Summoned Pets can no longer destroy Scatter Mines
  • Iron golem sounds can no longer be heard after the golem is killed
  • Fixed the Heart of Ender spin attack only appearing for Hosts during online co-op
  • Fixed Flaming Quiver and Thundering Quiver arrows dealing instant damage when deflected by a mob with the Deflecting enchantment
  • Fixed some antivirus software preventing progress from being saved
  • Powershaker explosion no longer blocks arrows from other players
  • Secret locations no longer use placeholder narration when completing missions
  • Fixed a chance of players getting stuck in the cage after dying in Underhalls
  • Players can no longer use “Return to Checkpoint” when downed
  • Removed unnecessary sound effects from the Download Hero screen
  • Fixed enemy arrows not damaging bees
  • Fixed TNT collision on falling blocks, geomancer doors and walls
  • The “Subtitles” option in accessibility settings now has a proper toggle like the other options
  • Fixed Weeping Vine Bow, Bone Cudgel, Living Vines Armor, and Golden Piglin Armor not having unique shimmering sounds when dropped during gameplay
  • Fixed Environmental Protection Armor property not properly reducing damage when Rugged Climbing Gear is equipped
  • Fixed Key Golem falling through the ground on Desert Temple
  • Fixed players being seen holding both melee and ranged weapons on the inventory screen
  • Increased artifact icon spacing on hero upload/download screens when playing on Xbox Cloud Gaming
  • Fixed overlapping touch controls and effect meter on HUD when playing on Xbox Cloud Gaming
  • Fixed mobs being thrown into the air after being killed by the Fire Trail enchantment
  • Chat wheel messages can now be selected using the D-Pad
  • The daily trial modifier “50% of melee monsters have the debuff enchantment” is no longer applied to ranged monsters
  • Artifact charge no longer triggers after picking up a consumable
  • Improved readability of focus indicator on friends list using both outline and background highlight

Known issues

  • Players may receive the error message “Failed to verify game ownership” during Mission matches
  • The Battle of the Ancient Guardians May Not Begin on the Abyssal Monument
  • Disconnecting the internet before completing the mission locks the game
  • Conduits cannot be picked up by other players if the client holding the conduit has left the session

Updated, May 26, 2021 2:20 PM CT – The official changelog for the Hidden Depths DLC and the patch update are here

Mojang Studios has officially released the changelog for the Hidden Depths DLC and Minecraft Dungeons Patch update, and we’ve added the full list of bug fixes, features, and changes above. There are also a few known issues to keep in mind. To get features specific to the Hidden Depths DLC, players will need to either purchase the DLC or play with a friend who owns it. However, all bug fixes and patch update features are available to all players on all platforms.

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