Minecraft Dungeons opening cutscene introduces villain Arch-Illager

MineCon Live 2019 wrapped up yesterday revealing a ton of new stuff Minecraft-related news. Minecraft itself is going to receive a major overhaul from The Nether, and its Mountains biome will be updated with new creatures and features. augmented reality game minecraft earth was announced for an early release in October. But perhaps most exciting was the start of the opening cutscene for Mojang’s upcoming action spin-off, Minecraft Dungeons.

There is still a lot to share about Minecraft Dungeons, but this opening cutscene sets the stage for the action-RPG. The setup for Minecraft Dungeons is no different from a standard game of Minecraft gone wrong. An Illager is ostracized from his people and wanders in search of a new home. This Illager, “driven by rage”, stumbles upon an artifact of great power. The Orb of Dominance grants this Illager great power, corrupting him and transforming him into the infamous villain Arch-Illager.


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The Arch-Illager will be the evil hand behind the events of Minecraft Dungeons, clearly. Until Mojang clarifies exactly what types of challenges will be offered to the player, Minecraft fans can only speculate. But the Arch-Illager seems to summon monsters and rally the Illagers to attack cities, creating a war party. Players will likely be tasked with dismantling the Arch-Illager’s forces bit by bit. Why the Arch-Illager’s forces are all gathered in dungeons is a mystery players will have to solve for themselves.

The first one Minecraft Dungeons game The trailer showed several different levels in the game, including a forge, mine, necromancer temple, standard looking dungeons, as well as an open wooded area similar to what is shown in the trailer . Minecraft Dungeons can actually start from the exact spot shown in the opening cutscene. Players may see the Arch-illager’s forces attacking a village and decide to rush to their defense.

Minecraft Dungeons will be an action RPG played from an isometric camera angle, much like the Diablo franchise. It won’t be much like the original Minecraft at all, other than its visual style. It can be played in 4-player co-op locally or online. And with the release of today’s cinematic opening video, it’s clear the game will also have a unique fantasy story. With each update, Minecraft Dungeons becomes a seemingly more impressive game, making the wait until release all the more painful.

Minecraft Dungeons out Spring 2020 on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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