Minecraft Dungeons player count surpasses 10 million across all platforms

Mojang Studios Minecraft last year’s spinoff, Minecraft Dungeons, has now passed the impressive milestone of 10 million players less than a year after its launch. The title has seen a good number of updates and DLCs since its arrival, and the studio is currently gearing up to release the next content drop later this month.

The cooperative dungeon crawler released in May 2020 for PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 promising a different take on the studio’s massively popular block-based sensation that is Minecraft. Xbox Game Pass subscribers on PC and Xbox consoles are also part of that massive 10 million player count, but the studio didn’t provide a breakdown on how each platform fared.

However, Mojang shared some numbers on how the 10 million strong community spent their time in the game. The Arch-Illager has been defeated 5,934,629 times since the game launched, while the Redstone Monstrosity was shot 7,044,521, although this was out of 19,511,994 attempts. The players have also spent a combined total of 1,141 years in the Central Camp area.

To celebrate this milestone, Mojang is releasing a cape and a pet for everyone Minecraft Dungeons players for free, which will appear in everyone’s inventories on February 24. It’s the same day that the new six-mission Flames of the Nether DLC will land alongside a heavy update to the base game. Find DLC pack and update details here.