Minecraft Dungeons release month has been revealed – here’s when to expect it

Minecraft Dungeons, the next co-op, combat-focused dungeon crawler based on Minecraft, will be released in April 2020, Microsoft has announced. The game is coming to Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4, but a specific date in April has yet to be announced. The news adds to many other X019 announcements and confirms that we have less than six months to go before we can play the new Minecraft game. There’s a cute new trailer for the announcement, though it doesn’t show any gameplay footage.

Minecraft Dungeons, which focuses on combat, joins Minecraft Earth and Minecraft: Story Mode as the latest spin-off in the Minecraft series. It will be playable for up to four players, who can work together to tackle the game’s many dungeons. You can still sign up for the game’s closed beta if you want to check it out before April.

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Microsoft also announced Halo Reach release dates for Xbox One and PC and Bleeding Edge, along with a huge slate of new games for Xbox Game Pass, including the Yakuza series and numerous Final Fantasy titles. Minecraft Dungeons will also launch on Xbox Game Pass.

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