Minecraft Dungeons releases full ‘Howling Peaks’ DLC soundtrack on Spotify

One of Xbox’s best Cloud Gaming (Project xCloud), the co-op focused ARPG Minecraft Dungeons, is gearing up to launch its third major DLC expansion with Howling Peaks. The Howling Peaks will release on December 9, 2020 and will add a new area, boss, mobs, gear, and more to the ever-growing Minecraft spin-off. To celebrate the week leading up to Howling Peaks, Minecraft Dungeons is releasing the Minecraft Dungeons: Howling Peaks game soundtrack to Spotify.

The soundtrack is free and available to all listeners and includes 1 hour and 48 minutes of music spread over 32 tracks, all composed by the talented Peter Hont. Minecraft Dungeons has had some great soundtrack music so far, expected from the Minecraft brand, and Howling Peaks is looking to continue that trend with tons more great music to listen to here. Of course, players will be able to hear all that awesome music once Howling Peaks releases next week, alongside a new Season Pass.

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Minecraft Dungeons is the next saga in Minecraft history, and Mojang Studios has knocked another one out of the park. Awesome co-op battles paired with powerful loot, all at an incredibly affordable price? There’s not much more you could ask for in an epic dungeon-crawling ARPG.

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