Minecraft Dungeons releases patch update for ‘Howling Peaks DLC’, fixes some bugs

A small patch to end the year for Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons has had a busy month already, with the release of this third expansion, the Howling Peaks DLC, and a new Season Pass that includes the latest DLC along with three more future updates. However, Mojang Studios hasn’t finished the year yet and is releasing a small patch update for Minecraft Dungeons with the update. There’s nothing terribly exciting about this patch, but it fixes a few annoying bugs and makes some balancing changes, one of which should hopefully make the game fairer.

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This update should be available for all Minecraft Dungeons platforms simultaneously. The full changelog for Update includes:


  • Fixed Apocalypse Plus prompt appearing after every completed mission
    • This prompt will still appear once each time the game is restarted and a full fix for the issue will come in a future update
  • Cooldown reduction now affects Element Satchel and Scatter Mines
  • Fixed mobs not spawning in night mode
  • Disabled invisibility for enchanted mobs because it was too intense!

The next era of dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons: Season Pass

Explore new worlds in Minecraft Dungeons.

It’s been a busy first year for Minecraft Dungeons, and now the Minecraft dungeon-crawling ARPG spin-off is looking to its future, with four new expansions planned. The first, Howling Peaks, is available now, but players can also grab the new Season Pass for immediate access to all four expansions when they launch.

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