Minecraft Dungeons Reveals New Season Event Featuring a Bright Night


Mojang today released new information about the upcoming Minecraft Dungeons seasonal event taking place later this month. The event is called Luminous Night and will launch in-game on April 20, 2022. This will give you the opportunity to explore The Tower at night with several luminescent features to discover, including new levels with murals and puzzles. Not to mention the addition of a ferocious new enemy in the form of the Wildfire. Much like the previous season, there will be rewards such as new skins, capes, emotes, and flairs, as well as the addition of two new pets in the form of Ministrosity and Abomination. We have the team’s introduction to the content for you below.

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Take all your spare torches! Flashlights! The $5 disco ball you haven’t used since that awkward school dance in sixth grade! The Dungeons team has inexplicably removed several light bulbs in the offices of Mojang Studios, and it’s probably the next one in your fuse box! While this sinister prank left us all in the dark for a while, we now know it was part of a much darker plan (or maybe theme?): a new update!

We hope you are allowed to stay awake until the early hours of the morning, because Luminous Night, Minecraft DungeonsThe second – and possibly the darkest – Seasonal Adventure will launch on April 20 with a plethora of luminescent features. Explore the Night Tower, full of cool new floors that include everything from mysterious murals and puzzling puzzles to a wildfire – a fiery foe that may prove too hot for even the most seasoned adventurer to handle! Tread lightly, as he prefers his opponents to be well done!

Just like the previous season, there are plenty of new rewards to earn – particularly stylish rewards during the night. Skins, capes, emotes and flairs will illuminate your surroundings with luminescent light, while adorable new pets such as the ministrosity and the abomination will ignite the fire in your heart. You might also enjoy new quality of life features coming soon, such as the highly anticipated storage chest that will bring order to your chaotic inventory.

For more detailed information and deep dives in the next update, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the Minecraft Dungeons site – or put that disco ball to good use with a celebratory dance. Stay tuned – your seasonal adventure continues in Luminous Night!

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