Minecraft Dungeons Saber Bow Becomes Nerf Model

Sabrewing Bow from Minecraft Dungeons becomes a motorized Nerf blaster in an all-new collaboration between Hasbro and the voxel-based franchise.

Minecraft has teamed up with Hasbro again to release the Nerf Sabrewing Bow based on Minecraft Dungeons‘ unique weapon. Minecraft Dungeons East MinecraftThe hack-and-slash spin-off game of which was released in 2020, and it offers a different take on previous voxel world sandbox mechanics. The top-down action RPG has since released several post-launch DLCs, including the echoing void the game’s first season expansion and adventure, titled Cloudy Climb Tower.

Minecraft and Hasbro have teamed up before, having launched a line of voxel-based franchise-inspired Nerf blasters. the Minecraft Nerf guns included the block-breaking Pillager’s Crossbow and the Stormlander Hammer of Minecraft Dungeons. Each came with a set of Nerf Elite darts, which have a shorter tip cap and are said to be more accurate than their standard dart predecessors. Nerf blasters were released in late November, around the same time Hasbro unveiled its line of Nerf MicroShots which featured the Minecraft Ender Dragon, Minecraft Guardian, and Minecraft Ghast monsters.


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As reported by IGN, Minecraft Dungeons‘Sabrewing Bow has become a Nerf model in yet another collaboration between the two brands. The motorized Nerf bow has an eight-shot clip and fires one dart at a time like a real bow. Carriers must pull the string with the primer handle to activate the motor before pressing the fire button to release a Nerf Elite dart. the Minecraft Dungeons Sabrewing Bow comes out in August this year and comes with a Nerf dart clip and game-accurate design – without having to loot mobs in the Fiery Forge or spend money at the Camp merchant.

Minecraft Nerf Gun - Minecraft Dungeons Sabrewing Bow Nerf Model

The Growing Nerf Collection Minecraft blasters are just one line among many Hasbro-branded video game-inspired weapons. A recent collaboration with fortnite brought the battle royale SMG to life. The all-new Nerf Fortnite Compact SMG Motorized Dart Blaster, releasing August 1, 2022, fires up to eight Nerf darts in rapid succession and automatically loads the next clip into the chamber for rapid rotation between blasts. Nerve also collaborated with Roblox for his new Nerf Roblox Zombie Attack: Viper Strike Blaster, a long-range sniper rifle that comes with six Elite darts and a detachable magazine, scope, and bipod. The three franchises – Minecraft, fortniteand Roblox – offer a large player base and unique weapon designs, strategic play for the brand of toy blasters.

The saber bow is one of Minecraft Dungeons‘ unique items and is a powerful ranged weapon obtainable from the Fiery Forge, Highblock Halls, and Underhalls, as well as two DLC locations. It has a strong charged attack and heals allies in the area, and its damage can reach over 3500 at max power. The digital weapon’s Nerf counterpart has an intriguing design, firing with a bowstring instead of a normal trigger. While it may not offer any supernatural abilities, the Nerf Sabrewing Bow is another exciting addition to the toy blaster’s line of video game-based weapons.

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Source: IGN

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