Minecraft Dungeons Season 1 Event ‘Cloudy Climb’ Begins in December

Mojang has always insisted on maintaining its core titles. While two of them are just different versions of Minecraftlast year saw the release of another title. Minecraft Dungeons was Mojang’s take on the wildly popular dungeon looting genre like Diablo. After the title’s successful launch on Steam last month, Mojang is gearing up with a new event kicking off in early December. As the first season of a long series of others to come, Minecraft Dungeons embarks on its first seasonal adventure. As the title crosses nearly two years since its release, the time seems right for a more direct form of cosmetics. Announced today on their blog, Minecraft Dungeons is getting a brand new event with more maps and enemies titled Cloudy Climb.

What content is added to Minecraft Dungeons Season One ‘Cloudy Climb’?

Scheduled to launch on December 14, the event will take players through plenty of new content. Featured in a quick preview of Minecraft Live just a few weeks ago, this new update brings together a lot of amazing features. Minecraft happy to fight. Yet the pandemic has affected all swathes of development, which has certainly hampered their ability to create Minecraft Dungeons contents. Despite this, Mojang was still able to release the title with plenty of updates and DLCs. Now it looks like they are trying to attract more users they are trying to include more freemium game methods. While all content is free to all users, it includes a paid Adventure Pass. While none of the items won are gear, the pass is purely for cosmetic purposes. The event starts on December 14 for all users on all platforms.

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