Minecraft Dungeons Season 3 ‘Fauna Faire’ shows pets, The Tower multiplayer mode and more on Minecraft Live

What do you want to know

  • Minecraft Live 2022 has the internet buzzing with countless Minecraft-related announcements.
  • During the event, Mojang Studios revealed more information about Minecraft Dungeons Season 3.
  • Dubbed “Fauna Faire,” the update is very pet-focused, with tons of new content like a new merchant, The Tower multiplayer, and more.
  • Minecraft Dungeons Season 3 Fauna Faire is coming to all players on October 19, 2022 with a new Adventure Pass.

Minecraft Dungeons is barely recognizable from the original and unique Minecraft action-RPG spin-off that was originally released over two years ago. Mojang Studios and Double Eleven have spent their time releasing DLC ​​expansions and adding new content, and the journey isn’t over yet. On Saturday, more details about Minecraft Dungeons’ next seasonal adventure were revealed.

Minecraft Dungeons Seasons 3 Fauna Faire was already announced a few days ago, but Mojang Studios has taken to Minecraft Live 2022 to provide a deep dive into all the new content, features, and changes coming to players in the near future. Players still invested in Minecraft Dungeons – or those looking for an excuse to keep coming back – should pay close attention to the animal-themed fun that’s coming with Minecraft Dungeons’ third seasonal adventure, including:

  • Fauna Faire is all about animals. With Minecraft Dungeons Season 3, the entire game will receive an animal mobs-themed makeover. This includes new lighting and decorations in the camp, a new loading screen, and more.
  • Lots of new pets. Of course, no animal-themed party without animals! Minecraft Dungeons Season 3 will bring a ton of new pets to the game.
    • During Minecraft Live 2022, Mojang Studios introduced several new pets, including the adorable red panda, emperor penguin, ferret, raccoon, hedgehog, and skunk.
    • Some of the new pets come straight from the now dead Minecraft Earth
  • Animal themed cosmetics. To wrap up the animal theme, Mojang Studios is also bringing a plethora of unique cosmetics to Minecraft Dungeons.
    • Animal-themed skins include onesies and more
    • Animal behavior flairs and emotes let you role-play your favorite animal
  • New Adventure Pass. Of course, Minecraft Dungeons Season 3 comes with a new Adventure Pass, just like the previous two Seasonal Adventures.
    • Players can complete missions and earn adventure points by playing regularly to progress through levels
    • Tiers offer a number of themed cosmetics and other rewards
    • All players will have access to free tiers, while the Adventure Pass will unlock exclusive premium tiers
  • New Enchanter Merchant. Minecraft Dungeons’ Camp gains a new vendor to help players maximize their loadouts and reach new levels of power: the Enchantsmith.
    • The Enchantsmith can randomly reroll enchantments on weapons and armor in exchange for emeralds
    • Players can choose which enchantment to reroll, but have no control over what new enchantment they get
    • Players can save the Enchantsmith from the Highblock Halls
  • The tower becomes multiplayer and new content. The Tower is a procedurally generated, multi-level dungeon that begins with each player in a blank character, progressing through floors to obtain newer and more powerful gear. With Minecraft Dungeons Season 3, it gets a lot of fresh content.
    • The Tower becomes four-player cooperative multiplayer, with each player starting with a blank character
    • Just like the base game, the difficulty will adjust to the number of players and each player will earn exclusive rewards
    • The tower is also getting new Windswept Peaks, Cacti Canyon and The End themed floors
    • Two new bosses join The Tower with the Tempest Golem and Ancient Guardian
  • Free Tree Top Tangle mission. All Minecraft Dungeons players will have access to a new free tier with Season 3, dubbed Tree Top Tangle.
    • Tree Top Tangle can be found in the Jungle biome, added in the Jungle Awakens DLC expansion
    • The level takes place around a giant and ancient tree and contains exclusive new equipment
    • In the level, players can find and earn Soul Totem of Casting Artifact, Root Rot Armor and Unique Black Spot Armor
  • Drastic balance changes and improvements. Mojang Studios gathered community feedback to deliver a wide range of balance changes with Minecraft Dungeons Season 3.
    • Many artifacts, weapons, and armor will be balanced, with an emphasis on buffs rather than nerfs
    • Many enchantments will get tweaks and tweaks

Clearly, the Minecraft Dungeons Fauna Faire update is packed with exciting additions for players to explore and continues to improve on what is already one of the best games on Xbox. There’s plenty here for players who intend to purchase the Premium Adventure Pass and aim for perfect completion, those interested in pets and other free content, and those looking for new action. online cooperative. Minecraft Dungeons Season 3 Fauna Faire officially arrives on October 19, 2022 on all platforms where Minecraft Dungeons is available.

Hero image for Minecraft Dungeons Spooky Fall 2022.

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Additionally, Mojang Studios has detailed the return of Spooky Fall, a collaboration between Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, which will arrive on October 26, 2022. The event will include exclusive challenges and rewards, like the Hungriest Horror armor sets. and Cloaked. There will also be a Minecraft Dungeons Heroes skin pack available in both games, making this the first-ever skin pack crossover between Minecraft Dungeons and vanilla Minecraft.