Minecraft Dungeons Season 3 release date confirms it’s all about pets

Minecraft Live 2022 has revealed plenty of new information about the Minecraft Dungeons Season 3 release date, as the dungeon crawler spin-off of one of the best building games is set to feature new items, companions, and more. the new Tower multiplayer mode, and that’s all coming to the game incredibly soon.

Called “Fauna Faire,” the Minecraft Dungeons Season 3 release date is set for October 19, and as explained in Minecraft Live 2022, it’s all about pets. New animals arrive in the Minecraft universe such as otters, ferrets, penguins and hedgehogs. Minecraft Dungeons Season 3 rewards are also pet-centric, so capes, emotes, and flares are inspired and influenced by animals.

Tree Top Tangle is also a new mission set in the jungle biome, which is also coming to Minecraft Dungeons for free. Players can also replace enchantments through a new vendor where you can reroll enchantments you have on your gear.

More information was also revealed about Tower Mode – which is getting an update with the Minecraft Dungeons Season 3 release date – where you climb the tower floors, beat mobs and get an amazing reward when you reach the end. The Tower will get multiplayer support and a slew of new biomes, according to Minecraft Live 2022 staff. adaptation according to the number of players. have in a game.

The Minecraft Dungeons Season 3 release date wasn’t the only major announcement for the game either, as from October 26 to November 9, the Spooky Fall event will be live, and it will offer event trials. and time-limited in-game rewards. There will be six pieces of gear up for grabs, with the gear also available in Minecraft Bedrock Edition as well.

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