Minecraft Dungeons shows what’s to come with Cloudy Climbs Adventure Pass

The Cloudy Climbs Adventure Pass, the first of the game’s seasonal adventures, introduces a new era of Minecraft Dungeons.


Originally released as a more adventure-focused, dungeon-crawling alternative to the hit game Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons was less of a sandbox experience compared to the original title, although it allowed for more fleshed out combat, similar to the Diablo series in terms of its top-down, party-based nature. First of all, Minecraft Dungeons offered a more compact Minecraft experience, but developer Mojang is now looking to expand the world and gameplay of Minecraft Dungeons.


Several DLCs and content updates have been removed for Minecraft Dungeons since its release, including the Hidden Depths 2021 DLC which took players to the deepest parts of the ocean in the Minecraft world. Now it looks like Mojang is aiming for the very opposite biome, because Minecraft Dungeons takes players to the clouds above in the latest Cloudy Climb update. Cloudy Climb is considered by many to be the start of a new era for Minecraft Dungeons.

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With a roguelite game mode known as Tower, players must fight their way through floors of procedurally generated enemies in order to climb as high as possible. Each Tower Race starts players off with a blank slate, similar to the roguelite game mode introduced in Hitman 3 or the game Hells. Along with a new game mode, Minecraft Dungeons launches its first Adventure Pass, which contains cosmetics such as skins, capes and pets, as well as emotes for players to use.

Cloudy Climbs Adventure Pass content is available for free to players who own Minecraft Dungeons, however, there are options for players who want to spend real money in-game. The Cloudy Climbs and Adventure Pass update is the first seasonal update that will make its way to Minecraft Dungeons, with future updates containing similar levels of content. Minecraft Dungeon players will also be able to increase their Adventure Rank through special events like the tower by participating in daily and weekly challenges for rewards. For players who beat the history of Minecraft Dungeons, that seems like a good excuse to get back into the game.

Minecraft Dungeons is available on a wide range of platforms. Like Minecraft, it looks like Mojang wants to do Minecraft Dungeons as accessible of a game as possible. Besides the usual implementation of the game on PC and consoles, it was even announced that an arcade version of Minecraft Dungeons will be released, allowing even more people to get their hands on the Cloudy Climbs revealed content.

Minecraft Dungeons is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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