Minecraft Dungeons Unique Items Guide

As you battle your way through action RPGs like Minecraft Dungeons, you’ll always be on the hunt for new gear. The best toys available for your hero are the unique items that glow a glorious orange, sought after due to the extra abilities they grant you.

After the full list of Minecraft Dungeons unique itemswe’ll explain exactly what unique items are and what rarities actually mean.

Our list also includes unique items found in the Adventurer and Apocalypse difficulty levels, as well as every unique item from the DLC packs.

Minecraft Dungeons Unique Items List

Unique items are the best gear you can find in the game. They can be found either as random drops after defeating enemies, as rewards for opening chests, or appearing randomly when purchased. an item from the camp merchant.

But what is a unique weapon? Well, these are variations of the regular weapons and armor that you can find, having similar stats if you compare them to common and rare versions.

In fact, the only difference is that unique items have an extra ability, but they’re usually abilities that can be the missing piece of a build (our guide to the best Minecraft Dungeons builds has some ideas for that). For example, a level 8 diamond pickaxe has the same base stats, including damage, as a level 8 common pickaxe; he also happens to have the ability to find more emeralds.

The list below contains all unique items in Minecraft Dungeons discovered so far, and will include all unique effects.

Unique melee weapons

melee weapon Basic weapon type Advantage 1 Advantage 2 Advantage 3
Sword Claymore Powerful pushback Additional damage
cursed ax Dual ax spinning attack Defeated monsters explode
The Dancer’s Sword Cutlass Reliable combination Increased attack speed.
dark katana Sword Extra damage to undead
diamond sword Sword Additional damage
Diamond pickaxe Pickaxe Find more emeralds
Eternal Knife soul knife Push Attack +2 Gather Souls Chance to win souls
Frost Fangs Daggers dual weapon Slows down crowds
Fighter Links Gauntlets Increases attack speed Turbo Punches
Brandon Chopped Burn the crowds Spin Attack Move
Scourge mass Binds and chains enemies
makeshift spear Spear Long melee range Drop more consumables
frost scythe soul scythe +2 Gather Souls Slows down crowds
Scourge of the Graves Sword Longer melee range Extra damage to undead
gravity hammer Great Hammer Attracts enemies big splash
Hawkbrand Sword Increased Critical Hit Chance
heart thief Claymore Powerful pushback Leech mob health
jailer’s scythe soul scythe +2 Gather Souls Binds and chains enemies
Master Katana Sword Increases critical hit chance
Maulers Gauntlets Relentless Combination Increases attack speed
Moon Daggers Daggers dual weapon Critical Soul Boost
Nameless Blade Cutlass Reliable combination Weaken enemy attacks
nightmare bite Sickles dual weapon Generates Poison Clouds
soul fists Gauntlets Relentless Combination Critical Soul Boost +2 Gather Souls
Stormlander Great Hammer big splash throw lightning
grace of the sun mass Heals allies in the area
the last laugh Sickles Dual purpose Mobs drop more emeralds
truth seeker soul knife Push Attack +2 Gather Souls Increased damage to injured mobs
Venom Glaive Sword Longer melee range Generates Poison Clouds
Tourbillon Chopped spinning attack Launches shockwaves
Whispering Spear Spear Long melee range Sometimes hit twice
Terror Battle Staff Downloadable Content fight stick Defeated monsters explode Elegant jumpsuit
Growing staff Downloadable Content fight stick Increased damage to injured mobs Elegant jumpsuit
vine whip Downloadable Content Whip Inflict poison Longer melee range

Unique Ranged Weapons

ranged weapon Basic weapon type Advantage 1 Advantage 2
automatic crossbow rapid fire crossbow High rate of fire Rate of fire increases when firing
Azure Seeker Crossbow Faster projectiles Increased rate of fire
bone bow Bow Arrows grow
Arc of Lost Souls Soul Bow +2 Gather Souls Luck for Multishot
Butterfly Crossbow rapid fire crossbow High rate of fire Shoot two enemies at once.
Doom Crossbow heavy crossbow Power shots Additional recoil
Elite Mighty Bow mighty bow Strong Charged Attacks More damage
Wild Soul Crossbow soul crossbow Critical Soul Boost +2 Gather Souls
Firebolt Launcher explosive crossbow Explodes on impact Chain reaction risk
guardian bow mighty bow Strong Charged Attacks Super Charged Arrows
harp crossbow Scatter Crossbow Even more projectiles
Hunter’s Promise hunting bow Pets attack target mobs Chance to collect arrows
Imploding Crossbow explosive crossbow Explodes on impact Attracts enemies
Lightning Harp Crossbow Scatter Crossbow Chance to ricochet Multiple projectiles (3)
Master’s Bow hunting bow Pets attack target mobs Extra damage dealt
Mechanical short bow short bow Increased rate of fire
Night Bow Soul Bow +2 Gather Souls steal the speed
purple storm Bow Increased rate of fire
red snake Bow Strong Charged Attacks Chance for arrows to explode
sabering mighty bow Strong Charged Attacks Heals allies in the area
slayer crossbow heavy crossbow Power shots Chance to ricochet
The Green Threat cunning bow Hits multiple targets Generates Poison Clouds
The pink scoundrel cunning bow Hits multiple targets Chance to enrage mobs
The Slicer Crossbow Faster projectiles Chance to fire piercing bolts
twin bow Bow Shoot two enemies at once
Call of the Void soul crossbow Attracts enemies +2 Gather Souls
Baby Crossbows Downloadable Content Double crossbows Arrows grow Double projectiles
Enchanted Crossbows Downloadable Content Double crossbows Strong vs Enchanted Mobs Double projectiles

unique armor

Armor Armor type Advantage 1 Advantage 2 Advantage 3 Advantage 4
mysterious armor mysterious armor 10% damage reduction -40% potion cooldown
archer armor hunter armor +15% movement speed aura +10 arrows per set +30% ranged damage
battle dress battle dress -25% artifact cooldown +30% melee damage
cave crawler Speleologist armor +20% Weapon Damage Boost Aura Gives you a pet bat +50% artifact damage
Ember Robe Evocation Robe -25% artifact cooldown +15% movement speed aura Burn nearby enemies
fox armor wolf armor 30% chance to cancel hits (unique) +20% Weapon Damage Boost Aura Health potions heal nearby allies
Frostbite ghost armor +30% ranged damage +100% Gathered Souls Spawns a snowy companion
Full metal armor Plate armor 30% chance to cancel hits 35% damage reduction 100% longer recharge time +30% melee damage
Highland Armor Scale armor +30% melee damage 35% damage reduction Gain speed after dodging
Soul Dancer Robe Soul Robe +100% Gathered Souls +50% artifact damage 30% chance to cancel hits
spider armor thief armor +25% melee attack speed 3% lifesteal aura
Splendid dress battle dress -25% artifact cooldown +30% melee damage +50% artifact damage
Solid armor Reinforced armor 35% damage reduction 30% chance to cancel hits 100% longer recharge time Using Potions Boosts Defense
Wither Armor dark armor 35% damage reduction +100% Gathered Souls 3% lifesteal aura
Shadow Walker Downloadable Content ocelot armor Brief invulnerability while riding 50% faster rolling 35% damage reduction

Rarities of Minecraft Dungeons

Whether it’s weapons, armor, or even artifacts, all items have a rarity assigned to them.

Rarity indicates the quality of the item you picked up, but the only significant difference between common items and priced items is the amount of emeralds you get for collecting them. Tiers don’t affect your likelihood of getting different rarities, so you can find unique weapons and armor at lower tiers.

Below are all known item rarities in Minecraft Dungeons:

  • Common: White
  • Rare: Turquoise
  • Single: Orange

Selling looted weapons and armor is one of the most effective ways to get more emeralds, but there are other methods that are better for farming emeralds early on. Check out our Minecraft Dungeons Emeralds for more on that.

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