Minecraft Dungeons update 1.25 available for Luminous Night this April 20

Double Eleven released Minecraft Dungeons update 1.25 today, and this is for patch which is also called Luminous Night! Check out the full Minecraft Dungeons patch notes for April 20 below.

Minecraft Dungeons Update 1.25 Patch Notes | Minecraft Dungeons April 20 update patch notes: – April 20, 2022

Become the avatar again and take on new challenges in Luminous Night – the second seasonal adventure in Minecraft Dungeons. Explore the tower at night, with cool floors that feature mysterious murals, puzzling puzzles, and a fiery enemy that may prove too hot for even the most seasoned adventurer to handle. Earn radiant new rewards that will light up your surroundings with bioluminescent delight, themed skins and emotes to the terrifyingly adorable Ministrosity and Abomination pets. Level up your game with additional quality of life features such as the storage chest and an improved user interface. Luminous Night is here – what will you discover before dawn?

Check out the latest Developer Diary for an overview of some of the new features! The Seasonal Adventures FAQ is also a great resource to learn even more about seasons in Minecraft Dungeons.

This update also brings many bug fixes to the game. Please search for any bugs you find at bugs.mojang.com and let us know what you think at feedback.minecraft.net. We appreciate your continued support in reporting issues! If you’re looking to join a community of like-minded gamers, head over to the official Minecraft Dungeons Discord server at discord.gg/MinecraftDungeons.


Explore the tower like you’ve never seen it before, with floors that feature new biomes, puzzling puzzles, and the Wildfire – an old fan favorite making a triumphant return to the Minecraft universe.


  • Adventure points are now rewarded after clearing each floor of the tower, even if the tower run fails. Clearing the tower awards maximum points!
  • When a floor has been cleared of all mobs, there is now a pop-up notification to indicate that the floor is now clear
  • The waypoint to the exit now only appears when the ground has been cleared

Seasonal Adventure Rewards and Progression:

Luminous Night features many glowing rewards that will light up your surroundings with bioluminescent delight! These include the adorable Ministrosity and Abomination pets, but also plenty of shiny emotes, skins, capes, and flairs.


  • The active season can be changed in the Adventure Hub so you can still earn the Season 1 leaderboard and rewards. Setting the season in the Adventure Hub will cause all Adventure Points to move to the selected season’s leaderboard!
  • Exciting new weekly challenges have been added to the rotation, with many pacing adjustments made directly from community feedback
  • A pop-up message now appears during gameplay to let you know when weekly challenges are complete
  • Many redesigns of the Adventure Hub for better readability and navigation

Storage box :

  • Storage chest has been added to camp, allowing you to store an additional 300 items per character


  • Storage Chest contents can be transferred between platforms, along with other character data, using Cloud Saves


New Achievements:

  • With this version, you will discover and unlock 10 new achievements during your adventures!

Changes and fixes:


  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay


  • Fire resistant mobs can no longer fall into lava on certain tower floors
  • The Uniquesmith now buffs the power level of a selected item to match the player’s most powerful gear.
  • Fixed several exploits around bosses and obtaining overpowered equipment in the tower (MCD-6947, MCD-6922)
  • Fixed missing sounds when boss spawns in tower (MCD-7001)
  • Added missing sounds to Tower Keeper on Tower Failed screen
  • Fixed some tower doors that could be opened twice, blocking tower progression (MCD-6916)

Weekly challenges

  • Mobs killed by the Thorns armor enchantment now count towards the “Defeat X Mobs” weekly challenge
  • Mobs killed by the Shock Web ranged enchantment trap effect now count towards the “Defeat X Ancient Mobs” weekly challenge
  • Mobs killed by the Electrified Armor enchantment now count towards the “Defeat X Ancient Mobs” weekly challenge


  • Fixed Luck of the Sea enchantment incorrectly labeling common items as unique (MCD-7028)
  • Updated Unchanting description to “deal more damage to enchanted enemies” so that it encompasses both melee and ranged (MCD-6323)
  • Shadow Shifter is now correctly affected by enchantments and cooldown reducing effects (MCD-6389)
  • Beast Surge upgrade levels now display a “pet boost”, as the enchantment affects the attack and movement speed of pets


  • If an Ancient Hunt starts with Spider Cave, the player no longer loads into the mission already surrounded by enemies (MCD-6684)
  • Fixed an area in Fiery Forge where players could get stuck after dying (MCD-6716)
  • Fixed tiles dropping on End Wilds to now drop correctly when an arena is triggered (MCD-6993)
  • Fixed doors in Overgrown Temple that led nowhere (MCD-6587)
  • Fixed an area in The Stronghold that players could fall from (MCD-6933)
  • Fixed Fiery Forge ambush door force field remaining visible after opening the door
  • Removed a pesky invisible barrier in Highblock Halls
  • Fixed players being unable to pass through a door in Pumpkin Pastures in Online Multiplayer
  • Fixed an area on Windswept Peaks that allowed players to walk through walls (MCD-6401)
  • Fixed a door on Broken Citadel not appearing for Clients during online multiplayer sessions
  • Fixed redstone cores on Fiery Forge missing button prompts when interacting with a controller
  • Fixed an invisible barrier blocking TNT in the Spider Lair area of ​​Creeper Woods
  • Players can no longer get stuck in a puzzle cube on Gale Sanctum
  • Quadrupled minecart damage to players in response to community feedback


  • Daggers, scythes and their respective unique variants have been added as potential gear drops in Lone Fortress on Adventure difficulty
  • Melons now heal 75% over 15 seconds (MCD-7019)
  • Bosses can no longer be instantly defeated with Scatter Mines (MCD-6683)


  • Spiders, witches and frozen zombies can no longer fire projectiles after being defeated (MCD-6995)
  • Skeleton Vanguards now have more enchantment options (MCD-6634)
  • Raid captains are now immune to wind (MCD-6783)
  • Solemn Giant now wears a helmet (MCD-7000)

abomination of the jungle

  • Jungle Abomination arena in Overgrown Temple is now smaller
  • Pursuit speed increased to 1.4
  • Changed 360 poison attack to fire two volleys 0.5s apart with an angle difference of 22.5 degrees
  • Damage multiplier for poison darts increased to 1.35
  • 360 degree poison attack cooldown reduced from 20 seconds to 10 seconds
  • Added a combo attack, which summons vines and fires 360 degree darts at the same time
  • Created a new projectile and poison effect for Jungle Abomination’s attack
  • Added Poison (5s) to Jungle Abomination melee attack
  • Added poison resistance to Jungle Abomination

wretched specter

  • Miserable Wraith health increased from 9000 to 11000
  • Wretched Wraith incoming ranged damage reduced from 0.7 to 0.6
  • Wretched Wraith is now affected by the Smiting enchantment

User interface

  • If you’re playing in South Korea, we’ve added game timers and notices in accordance with gaming laws to help remind players to take occasional breaks from the game.
  • “Damage Dealt” and “Damage Done” values ​​in the post-mission screen can no longer appear as negative values ​​(MCD-5384, MCD-5978)
  • Threat level slider on mission select screen now defaults to recommended level (MCD-7032)
  • Player armor TNT and auras are no longer visible in vendor menus (MCD-6892)
  • Emote previews now appear correctly after Battlestaff and Rapier are equipped
  • Characters no longer remain stationary after Battlestaff and Rapier are equipped (MCD-5778)
  • Fixed progress bar stretching when teleporting to another player (MCD-6762)
  • Ancient Hunt screen now no longer shows merchants in the background, after visiting them (MCD-6928)
  • Fixed missing lines on the mission select screen that connect secret missions to their unlock missions
  • Local co-op session guests can now correctly see skin selections when joining an in-game session
  • The message “Setting changes detected” now appears correctly in the Settings Controller area
  • Players are no longer taken out of the pause screen if their controller disconnects
  • Fixed directional input becoming unresponsive after disconnecting and reconnecting controllers on merchant screens when playing on Xbox
  • The “Show Commands” and “Customize Commands” menu options now navigate to the correct screens based on the input method currently being used (MCD-1133)
  • Fixed cosmetic menu navigation with a controller causing the character to stutter
  • Fixed objective text not completely disappearing after progressing to a new tower floor (MCD-6969)
  • Eye of Ender gates now have button prompts when interacting with a controller

Known issues:

The following issues are known to the development team and will work to fix them in future updates:

  • Crash may occur when switching between Adventure Hub pages using controller trigger buttons
  • “Weekly Challenge Completed” toast notifications are not localized for all supported languages

That’s it for this latest patch for Minecraft Dungeons. Stay tuned here on MP1st for future updates!

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