Minecraft Dungeons Update Fixes Nether Fortress and Ancient Hunts Today

Minecraft Dungeons received a small update today, June 8, to remove issues that were preventing players from completing missions in Nether Fortress and Ancient Hunts. The The update also fixed a few bugs that have surfaced since the release of Update at the end of May.

Minecraft Dungeons Update Patch Notes

Minecraft Dungeons update includes a small list of fixes, but at least players will find that their mission progress in Old Hunts and Nether Fortress has been unlocked. The full list of patch notes can be found below:


  • Fixed tile generation issues on Nether Fortress and Ancient Hunts that prevented players from progressing through the mission (MCD-7222)
  • Introduced a proper fix for tile generation on Spider Cave in Ancient Hunts that prevented players from progressing through Ancient Hunt (MCD-7110)
  • Fixed some issues with the cursor highlighting incorrect item locations on the tower floor reward screen
  • Fixed UI element sizing appearing incorrectly on the Tower Floor reward screen in multiple languages

The patch comes just a day after The Wild Update was released in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Wild Update Minecraft 1.19 adds two new biomes to the game – Dark and Deep Mangrove Swamps – with new blocks like Thatch, Mangrove Wood, and Mud. There are also four new monsters in the form of the guardian, allay, frogs and tadpoles. Despite the fact that the Wild update was only released yesterday, June 7, players have already started making predictions about what will come in Minecraft update 1.20. If the current release pattern is any indication, Minecraft 1.20 won’t be released until later this year.

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