Minecraft Dungeons will be supported long term with a mix of free updates and paid DLC

Minecraft Dungeons will continue to change after launch, with a steady stream of free updates, the possibility of a new narrative in the form of paid DLC, and other new content to keep players interested and having fun.

Plans for DLC have yet to be set, but the Minecraft Dungeons devs say they want to make sure everything they do is worth the time and potentially the money they would ask players to spend.

“I think we are looking at a mix [of free and paid new content]”said Mojang Executive Producer David Nisshagen, speaking to us at XO19. “Since this is a narrative game, if this is something anyone would want to pay for, they have to s ‘act something that’s got a big update, something that feels like good value, a fun experience.”

But Nisshagen says the team also wants to continually update the game to keep it interesting – as well as bug-free, if possible.

“We also want to make sure that we continue to update the game and provide players with improvements in friction reduction – fixing bugs, should there be a bug in the game!” he said smiling.

“But also, if we find interesting things that we want to add, of course,” he said. “We will do this through free updates.”

Minecraft itself has seen massive growth over the past ten years, adding new monsters, creatures, blocks, and mechanics at a more or less steady rate since its launch. As Minecraft Dungeons game director Mans Olson pointed out, this is a rich source of content for…well, mine. Free updates could also include things like ridiculously overpowered magic items, and the devs said they’re okay with those because they’re fun.

Minecraft Dungeons is due out in April 2020, and it seems clear that the date will be a starting point for Mojang’s new dungeon-crawling adventure.