Minecraft Fan Builds Skyrim’s Jorrvaskr Mead Hall From Whiterun

When it comes to success stories, they don’t get much bigger than Minecraft. Totaling hundreds of millions in sales since its release in 2009, with that number growing steadily, Mojang’s open-world title has become one of the highest-grossing video games of all time. It’s really no surprise, as it allows for so much creativity, giving players the ability to construct any project or construction that comes to mind, with relaxing music to accompany them. Sometimes fans go a step further and recreate something from another game.


That’s what Reddit user Single_Cantaloupe_34 did. Uploading a single image to the Skyrim forum, this person showed off his build of a very recognizable building from Bethesda’s game, as redesigned in Minecraft. Specifically, they created their own blocky version of the overturned longship Jorrvaskr. Given its unique shape, it has a very distinctive look and fans of the 2011 RPG will immediately be able to tell it apart.

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For those not as familiar with the game, Jorrvaskr is located in Skyrimis the town of Whiterun. Players encounter this during the companions side quest. The Companions are a group of warriors who have formed a faction in the city and essentially act as this game’s version of the Fighters Guild, a staple of Ancient Scrolls series. What’s interesting about Jorrvaskr is that it’s the oldest building in Whiterun. Single_Cantaloup_34 did a great job of Minecraft-qualifying it, and one person in the comments suggested using it as a reference point to build the rest of the city around it.

This is by no means the first time that the two games have come together under one roof. A while ago a fan recreated Skyrimfrom Bleak Falls Barrow in Minecraft. Again, much like Jorrvaskr, Bleak Falls is a well-known location in this cold region of Tamriel. This is one of the first dungeons, aside from escaping Helgen at the start, that players go through during the early moments of the game’s main story. Someone also made a Minecraft version of the City of Solitude, and there are no doubt many other examples of Skyrim receive treatment en bloc.

The vanilla experience of Mojang’s open-world sandbox title is already huge as it is, with nearly endless creative potential. However, there are also many interesting Minecraft mods out there that add even more content, or change the overall experience. For this reason, it looks like the game will continue to be a smash hit for many years to come.

Minecraft is now available for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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