Minecraft fan creates Onigashima from a single in-game piece

When a Minecraft player is a fan of One Piece, the result is this beautiful recreation of the Onigashima area after a lot of work.

A Minecraft player did an impressive job creating Onigashima from A play Stakes. Minecraft has a large community of dedicated gamers. And Minecraft is a success thanks in large part to the creativity factor.

Minecraft players can explore a sandbox universe and go on their adventure by crafting tools, gathering resources, and exploring biomes such as forests, deserts, and caves. In Minecraft, it is also possible to face enemies such as skeletons, spiders, and the famous (and equally dreaded) Creeper. Another possibility of play in Minecraft is to unleash creativity to build impressive large and highly detailed structures, including famous areas such as the one in the popular manga A play.


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Redditor Heraza posted on the official site Minecraft subreddit images showing Onigashima created in-game. In A play, Onigashima is a region of the Land of Wa, which became an island after the flooding of the country. In Minecraft, Heraza reveals that it took six days to complete the entire build, which was first played in creative mode and then on the server. The player says he used the A play manga as a reference for the multiple angles of the Skull Dome, Onigashima’s main landmark and where Emperor Kaidou’s castle is located. It is not uncommon for Minecraft players to recreate famous Japanese artwork in-game, such as the player who traveled back in time and replicated the Goldenrod City from the Pokemon games.

To bring the impressive creation to life, Heraza also used the Minecraft mod known as World Edit. This mod speeds up the process of creating, replacing or deleting hundreds of Minecraft blocks in seconds, allowing the player to construct buildings in less time. World Edit gives Minecraft players have complete control, with features such as generating biomes consisting of forests and snowy areas. The mod also allows Minecraft players to quickly teleport to areas using the compass, restore an area from saves, and more. from Minecraft a large amount of mods is one of the factors that make the title one of the best base building games.

The creation of Heraza is just one in a vast universe of ideas that show the creativity of Minecraft community. Some players introduce games into Minecraft which one would not expect, such as the creation of the city of Yharnam from transmitted by blood. Other players go even further to the point of creating a photorealistic battleship, something that would only be seen in games like world of warships. from Minecraft popularity has spread even outside of the sandbox world, with titles like Minecraft: story mode, Minecraft Dungeonsand the next Minecraft Legends all carrying a different premise while retaining the characters and visuals that have won over fans.

Minecraft is available now for mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and legacy platforms.

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Source: Reddit