Minecraft Frozen Planet II Worlds | Visit the 5 educational worlds

The BBC has partnered with Microsoft to bring Frozen Planet II into Minecraft, featuring five playable worlds to inform and educate young audiences about the hugely popular gaming platform.

This collaboration between BBC Earth and Mojang (the makers of Microsoft-owned Minecraft) will take the form of five playable worlds, the first of which is now accessible in both Minecraft: Education Edition and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

This Frozen Planet II playable content will be available in 29 different languages. And the Education Edition even comes “with lesson plans for teachers to educate and inspire students about the importance of our frozen worlds and allow them to explore the effects of climate change as part of the Course of Study”.

To access Frozen Planet II worlds in Minecraft, simply click “Get This Item” on the official product page on the Minecraft Marketplace website. You’ll be making your best Sir David Attenborough impression in no time.

Describing the available content, the official announcement states, “For the first time ever, Minecraft players will have the ability to play from the perspective of an animal, including Penguin, Bumblebee, and Polar Bear, allowing players to experience frozen worlds from their perspective, like a killer whale using a wave wash technique to sweep seals off an ice floe and toss them into the sea.”

The description continues: “Players can even try their hand at being a natural history researcher at the location where they are tasked with documenting animal behavior and key information to inform environmental research.”

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It certainly sounds like an admirable undertaking by the BBC and Mojang, and it’s nice to see the game being used as an educational tool on such important issues. And if you were wondering, the other four Minecraft Frozen Plant II worlds will be releasing over the next four weeks. Watch this place!

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