Minecraft Guide: How to Mine

Join us on this quick guide to learn how to mine and get the most ore and blocks in each adventure.

Minecraft is an amazing video game for all gamers. It’s a game that lets you build whatever you want, however you want. You can play with friends, build a house, or even just explore solo. There are no rules in Minecraft, and that’s what makes it so great. Your creativity is the limit.

If you are new to Minecraft and want to learn more about how to mine, we’ll teach you everything from which pickaxe to use to which is the best route for mining. If you are new to Minecraft or if you want to know a bit more about the game, read on!

What tool do you use to mine in Minecraft?

The first thing you need to know about mining in Minecraft is that there are many different tools you can use. Some of them are more effective than others, but the best way to determine which one works best for you is to experiment with them.

Minecraft Pickaxes

The most basic tool is your bare hands. This means you’ll be digging and breaking blocks, so it’s good if you have some sort of pickaxe handy (or better yet, several). There are also shovels and pickaxes which are more efficient than your hands but do not break blocks as quickly as a pickaxe.

How to mine a block in Minecraft?

As we explained earlier, you can mine blocks in Minecraft using any type of pickaxe. There are Wooden Pickaxes, Stone Pickaxes, Iron Pickaxes, Gold Pickaxes, Diamond Pickaxes, and recently added Netherite Pickaxes. To start, stand near a block and hold down the left mouse button to swing your pickaxe at it.

Depending on the type of block or ore you want to mine, you will have to hold down the left click more or less. The Strongest Minecraft block of all (which can be mined) is obsidian. Depending on the type of pickaxe you have, expect an average mining time of 10-25 seconds.

Once you have broken the block or ore, you can press the letter E on your keyboard to check if it has been automatically saved in your inventory. Note that depending on the type of pickaxe you are using, you will be able to choose more or fewer blocks from the entire available pool.

The wooden pickaxe can only pick up a few blocks (almost the same blocks you can pick up by hand). On the other hand, the diamond pickaxe allows us to choose all the exploitable blocks in the game. So keep that in mind when choosing your tools!

What is the best way to mine in Minecraft?

For many players, there are two ways that are considered the best way to mine in Minecraft. Even so, the good thing about Minecraft is that there is no linear path to mine. We can venture into a virtually endless sandbox world. Without a doubt, it’s the best thing that Minecraft offer us. The opportunity to have an open world where you can mine as you want.

Minecraft Caves

In the past, we were guided by the number of layers to find the best materials. However, since the Updated caves and cliffs, this has changed. Therefore, players have opted for 2 mining methods which give a higher amount of resources. These are:

mine shaft

A good old fashioned abandoned mineshaft! Although they have become a bit “useless” in recent updates, they are the number one alternative to obtain materials since not only will chests be found in wagons but a lot of ores, enemies and spawns of spiders. It is even the favorite place of many to create experiment farms.

Mines in the mesa biome

While it’s a little tricky to find any of these biomes due to world generation, it’s a safe bet when looking for large mines. Why is this one of the best mining ideas? The mesa biome has the highest generation of mineshafts, dungeons, and very large caves full of gold. As if that weren’t enough, there’s a good chance of finding an ancient city. Without a doubt, the mesa biome is a safe bet for mining.

Of all the things you can do in Minecraft, for many, mining is one of the most satisfying pursuits. Also, with the tips we’ve given you today, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, you can get the most gold and materials on every mining expedition in Minecraft.