Minecraft has a deeper lore than you might think

Minecraft gained worldwide popularity thanks to the freedom it gives players, allowing them to explore different biomes and shape the world as they see fit. Since its release, a passionate community has formed around the game, with players around the world creating incredible structures and expressing their creativity. The game has also spawned several spin-offs, including Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft: story mode.

For the majority, Minecraft lets players make their own choices as to how they want their story to unfold, encouraging them to use their imaginations. Although there are very few official lore confirmed by Mojang, fans have been browsing Minecraftand pieced together the tiniest clues to understand the game’s mysteries. Although it’s easy to overlook the story of Minecraftother players have tried to dive into it, and it has given rise to some very interesting theories.


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The theory of the ancient builders

As players explore the expansive sandbox of Minecraft, players will occasionally encounter structures that appear to have been built by an intelligent civilization. They are present in different Minecraft biomes, and they sometimes contain riches as well as traps. When encountering these structures, it is impossible not to wonder who or what built them, and where the builders went. Without much information, players are forced to conclude that MinecraftThe world of ‘sa long history which has been lost.

The existence of strange structures has led to the ancient builder theory which proposes that a past civilization once ruled over Minecraft‘s, building incredible structures everywhere. Some theorists have speculated that the ancient builders still exist but have fallen out of favor, and have offered villagers or Endermen as possible candidates. However, there are holes in this theory, as the villagers don’t seem smart enough to build complex structures using varying materials, and the Endermen hate water, which would make it difficult to build underwater structures.

Other Minecraft fans have speculated that the ancient builders fled or were wiped out by some terrible event, although the nature of this event is disputed. A version of the Ancient Builders theory claims that the ancient civilization was trying to use the souls in the Soulsand, but something went wrong and they created the Wither instead, causing the Builders to flee. It’s an interesting theory, as it suggests that the ancient builders may one day return.

The story of Steve and Alex

Thanks to the popularity of Minecraft, Steve has become one of the most recognizable characters in video games. However, Mojang hasn’t revealed much lore behind the mute figure. Steve is different from all the other Mobs in Minecraft, and it has a unique ability to create complex structures on its own. However, his uniqueness makes him a very enigmatic character, forcing players to wonder about his origins, why he seems so much smarter than the villagers, and what his ultimate goal is.

One version of the Ancient Builders theory holds that Steve is a descendant of the Ancient Builders. That would help explain why he’s so good at building. However, this begs the question of how he was separated from his kind and if he is the only remaining survivor. Other fans have noticed that the zombies wear the same clothes as Steve, leading to the theory that the zombies are past versions of Steve who rose from the dead. Although Steve was once the only protagonist, Minecraft later gained a playable female character named Alex. According to Lego Club Magazine, Alex and Steve are dating. Steve is a fan of building and alchemy while Alex enjoys hunting and exploring.

The beauty of Minecraft is that its open approach allows fans to interpret the game however they want. Therefore, while many players may agree with the Ancient Builders theory, others are free to reject it. What is certain is that the world of Minecraft has an ancient and mysterious history, although it is impossible to piece together a full picture of its past.

Minecraft is now available for Mobile, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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