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Welcome to our guide “Elden Ring: How to Find Sacred Tears?”. You can find sacred tears anywhere in the open world of Elden Ring. When used, they can help recover HP or FP. Here’s a summary of everything you need to understand about Sacred Tears, including where everyone is.

How to find Sacred Tears in Elden Ring?

In Limgrave near the Third Church of Marika, to the first sacred tear. This church is near the start. Ride your horse to the church and watch out for the attackers. The Grace site is near the church. This sacred tear is placed in front of a statue inside the church. Marika’s fourth church can be found towards the southwest of the first tear. Another Sacred Tear can be found here. Visit the Tombsward Ruins on the Weeping Peninsula Road to obtain the Winged Scythe. The “Pilgrimage Church” has another sacred tear near the “Fourth Church of Marika”. It is in the northern tip of Weeping Peninsula, north side of Minor Erdtree. Beware of enemies inside, so be prepared before entering.

Climb the rampart of Le Morne castle to the west of the Weeping Peninsula. The Baptismal Church of Callu is to the south. A Sacred Tear is where it usually is, but beware of the rats. The Sacred Tear of the ‘Church of Irith’ in Liurnia is located behind Castle Stormveil & Godrick, the game’s very first legacy dungeon and demigod. Start from the back entrance of Stormveil and turn left to see the church on the cliffs of Liurnia. Just north of the “Academy of Raya Lucaria” stands the Church of Bellum. On your way to the “Great Elevator of Dectus”, you will find the Sixth Sacred Tear.

East of Bellum, high up in the rocks, is Inhibition. You must pass the Frenzy-Flame Tower and the “Frenzied Village of Flames” reach another holy tear. From Altus Highway Junction, head north on the Altus Plateau. To the northwest is the second church of Marika. You will find the Eighth Sacred Tear here. Northeast of the “Altus Highway Junction” is the Stormcaller Church. Due to the cliffs surrounding it, you must approach the Sacred Tear here from the north, which is inside the Church. In the City of Sorcery in Caelid is the Church of the Plague. The gate will not open until a nearby tower is set on fire. Follow the branches from the gate to reach the tower. Once you light the fire, you can enter the church to collect your tear.

On the icy lake of Giant Mountaintops, the “Marika’s First Church” has a tear. The climb is not easy, and the place is full of attackers, as well as an ice dragon. The Church of Repos has the last tear. This one is at “Giant Summit” to forge. You can approach the church, trigger a grace site, and then fight with the NPC afterwards. As usual, you can find the tear in front of the statue.

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