Minecraft: How to Get the Riptide Enchantment

Do you want to know how to get the Riptide enchantment for your trident in Minecraft? Riptide is a rare enchantment that can be applied to a trident. Throwing a trident with this enchantment will take you to where your weapon will land. There are three levels of this enchantment, and the higher the level, the further you move when throwing the trident. But some enchantments have both advantages and disadvantages that you should know in advance. Our guide aims to help you and tell you how to get and use Riptide Enchantment effectively.

How to get Riptide enchantment in Minecraft?

Before telling you how to get the Riptide enchantment, you need to find the trident. To get the trident, go to the ocean biome and find drowned monsters. Killing Drowned will give it to you. But keep in mind that the drop chance of this weapon is low, so you will have to kill many monsters. Look for Drowned with a trident in hand and use weapons with the Plunder enchantment to increase your chances.

Once you get the trident, you can apply the Riptide enchantment to it.


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There are several ways to get the Riptide enchantment, and next we’ll tell you about each of them:

  • Use the enchantment table. Accumulate 30 levels, and place a trident and three lazurite on the Enchantment Table. You will get the desired enchantment after a few attempts.
  • Use the anvil and the book with the Riptide enchantment. You can find an enchantment book in any dungeon and abandoned mine, but the chances of this enchantment book appearing are minimal. We advise you to go fishing and catch the Riptide book. Use a fishing rod with Luck of the Sea and Lure enchantments. After spending 20-30 minutes fishing, you will receive the coveted book.

Once you have the Riptide Enchantment book, use the anvil to combine the book and the trident.

As we said before, some enchantments have their downsides. You can move quickly around the game world using a trident with Riptide, but you will also take fall damage. To mitigate this effect, put appropriate enchantments on your boots. You can also use Elytra to speed up your journey even further.

Minecraft is available on PC, Mac, Linux, PS, Nintendo, Xbox, Android and iOS.