Minecraft is said to have a third spin-off game in development

A third Minecraft A spin-off game is apparently in the works, according to an industry insider. The original game itself also continues to grow with regular updates and DLC packs; a notable example is a recent collaboration with documentary series frozen planet 2which adds new Minecraft crowds at play Education Edition.

Minecraft quickly becoming a franchise in its own right, which is a notable feat for a quintessential sandbox game with no set storyline. The game has already sparked two spin-off titles. The first one, Minecraft Dungeons, was released in 2020 to somewhat mixed reviews. After that, the dungeon crawler received several DLC items, adding lots of new content to the game, followed by the rollout of seasonal adventures to further extend the life of the game. Building on this precedent, a second spin-off titled Minecraft Legends is also under development. To be released in 2023, a trailer for Minecraft Legends shows massive battles fought in an expanding world.


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A respected industry insider has now said that a third Minecraft spin-off is also in development. As reported by DualShockersjournalist Jez Corden made the startling claim in the latest episode of The Xbox Two Podcast. Commenting on the potential announcements that could come out of this year’s upcoming Minecraft Live, Corden said that “they are also working on another minecraft game” separated from both Dungeons and Legends. An all-digital event available for free to fans around the world, Minecraft Live gives Minecraft players the chance to vote for a new monster to add to the game. A host of other announcements regarding future game updates are also expected to be made. Announced with a hilarious trailer featuring Minecraftthis year’s Minecraft Live is sure to be an unforgettable event.

The Minecraft Spin-Off Is Likely Away From Announcement

Despite the question that prompted his statement, however, Corden clarified that this new game is likely not ready to be officially announced yet. Also, aside from its existence, it has no other details to share regarding the mystery title, not even a rough idea of ​​the intended genre. Whatever this supposed project is, it’s a complete mystery to everyone outside the walls of Mojang. However, considering Minecraft, there will probably be many fans who will nevertheless look forward to it. Of course, whatever this fallout, there is no doubt that Minecraft Legends will be published first. The action strategy title, in clear departure from its predecessor, evolves MinecraftTake classic sandbox gameplay in a whole new direction.

As with any industry rumor, it would benefit fans to be cautious in their excitement at this time. As Corden says, if this project does indeed exist, the spin-off game is almost certainly far too early in development to be officially announced anytime soon. Depending on how this development goes, it could even be canceled before its existence is made public, although that seems unlikely. And, of course, there’s always the possibility that Corden received incorrect information; not all rumors come true, because Zelda fans are hoping for a Wind Waker port for Switch discovered during the Nintendo Direct in September. Only time will tell when and if this new addition to the Minecraft franchise will debut.

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Source: DualShockers, Rand al Thor 19/YouTube