Minecraft just banned the discovery of net worth devices

The world is not as bullish these days as the rest of the world. Nevertheless, some companies, especially in the video game industry, continue to support the eventual integration of the idea and technology into their games. But while companies such as Square Enix attempt to justify their partnership with blockchain technology, others are more vocally opposed.

Mojang Studios deserves kudos for their aggressive approach to digital capitalization and coin swapping.

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After companies like Take-Two Interactive, Blizzard Entertainment and Valve didn’t say no to NFTs, Microsoft-owned Mojang Studios is joining the “anti-NFT” club.

In a surprisingly lengthy statement, the team behind the best-selling video game explained why they didn’t want to use so-called magical technology. On top of that, the studio justified its decision to ban everything related to blockchains in Minecraft.

TLDR; Mojang just banned blockchain technology in Minecraft because it “couldn’t be integrated with the Minecraft values ​​of creative inclusion and playing together”.

Someone with cleavage would see this coming a mile away. NFT and blockchain are by far the most popular buzzword in buzzword history, but not everyone loves them. Video game industries are prone to digital commerce, such as cryptocurrency and NFTs. That won’t change any time soon.

After the success of Minecraft Dungeons, Mojang started working on Minecraft Legends. Who knows what will happen after that?

While web3 is here to stay, those struggling with this technology will have to wait a while for it to be more widely adopted.

The Mojang studio has started rolling out new spin-offs as well as launching a new sandbox. Minecraft, called Dungeons, is easily one of the best dungeon crawlers released in recent years. The second Minecraft Legends game is set to end in 2023.