Minecraft Legends story needs to take center stage

Although it became one of the best-selling video games in history, Minecraft has yet to quite explode with spinoffs. Mojang has apparently taken a fairly measured approach to developing side games, perhaps to ensure that Minecraft he himself does not suffer. Still, that doesn’t mean Mojang isn’t willing to experiment with IP. Just this summer he announced Minecraft Legends, a new action-strategy game that pits players against an attack of Nether Pigs. Action strategy is an unorthodox genre for Minecraft to assume, but again, Minecraft Dungeons has already proven that the franchise can go in all sorts of directions.


Minecraft Legends sounds like a compelling addition to the Minecraft family with its high-stakes concept and unique alliance of Overworld mobs. However, to deliver, Mojang and collaborator Blackbird Interactive need to focus on Minecraft Legends‘ story as best they can. While the original sandbox game isn’t exactly designed for rich storytelling, Minecraft Legends dives into a totally different genre, and so it should have its own approach to storytelling. Minecraft LegendsThe plot doesn’t have to be gritty or dark to stand out, but whatever the tone, this new spinoff has to have a story worth hearing.

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Legends and Dungeons should stand out

Minecraft Dungeons is actually a big reason why Legends should try to tell a strong story. While the simplicity of Minecraft Dungeons‘ made it accessible, the game was frequently criticized for its story, which could be completed in around five hours, which meant there wasn’t much depth. This could be attributed to Mojang’s limited storytelling experience and desire to create a game as inviting as the original. Minecraft, the sad truth is that Dungeons was a fairly shallow game in the story department, regardless of Mojang and Double Eleven’s intentions.

Minecraft Legends could learn from this lesson by putting more resources into its story. Mojang and Blackbird Interactive need to give players a reason to care about rallying the disparate mobs of the Overworld, rather than just throwing Nether monsters at the player until the credits roll. Whether Minecraft spinoffs should stand out from each other, and especially from the original game, so they should follow Telltale Games’ model Minecraft: story mode intentionally trying to create layered lore and compelling characters. Real stories that take time to explore and complete will spin off like Minecraft Legends feel much more useful.

The possible storytelling of Minecraft Legends

Even if the Minecraft The franchise isn’t built for intrigue, it’s full of elements that can inspire exciting stories. For example, the Nether is a major focus of Minecraft Legends, so ideally the game will go out of its way to discuss stories of piglins, ghasts, and maybe even withered skeletons. The same goes for the Overworld. The rift between looters and villagers could be explored in detail in Minecraft Legends whether players must work with raiders to defend their mutual reality against piglin forces. Even though Legends‘ the story is not strictly consistent with the original Minecraft, it could provide fun backgrounds.

Whereas Minecraft Legends should introduce those kind of storytelling elements, it can still have a cheerful and whimsical tone derived from Minecraft. LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and its other Traveler’s Tales games have proven that games can tell entertaining stories with a sense of humor, and it seems perfect for Minecraft Legends. There should be room for more serious moments and real world building, but Minecraft Legends can balance that with jokes and charming characters that keep the experience light-hearted yet engaging.

The whole concept of Minecraft Legends is that the game is an ancient story passed down through the Minecraft world through countless generations. If the game’s actual story lacks substance, then that interesting framing will feel wasted. Telling an epic yet light-hearted story seems within Mojang’s ability to accomplish, especially with the help of Blackbird, so hopefully these collaborators will learn from Minecraft Dungeons‘ narrative flaws and ensure that Minecraft Legends is aptly named.

Minecraft Legends releases early 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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