Minecraft Live Event Details Announced, Mojang Hints at Next ‘Dream’ Update

(Photo: Image via Mojang) Minecraft Live is a virtual event accessible worldwide. It’s packed with news about the game, content creators, and will include a community vote that influences the game.

From time to time, the developers of “Minecraft” would go live on YouTube for their Minecraft Now series. In this particular live event, they would keep trying the recently added features in the game. Also, they would post updates on the events that are currently happening in the game.

Minecraft design directors would also reveal hints or easter eggs about upcoming events, features, blocks, or mobs. This edition of “Minecraft Now,” which aired on August 25, featured Minecraft creative director Agnes Larsson.

Watch the latest Minecraft Now video here:

In the 60-minute live stream, Larsson and his associates working for “Minecraft” discuss the latest news on everything new in sandbox mining. They also did a few quick build sessions, including the new mangrove block.

Minecraft Live Details

A report from Game Rant informs us that Larsson was also able to reveal details about the upcoming Minecraft Live. This year’s Minecraft Live will take place on October 15, Larsson confirms.

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According to the Creative Director of Minecraft, the “Minecraft Live” event would feature “new and exciting things”. Larson adds that the people behind Minecraft had two main goals, the first of which was to promote Minecraft.

Revealing future updates to the game, Larsson claimed that the second focus of this year’s Minecraft Live will be to “build players’ dreams”.

Much like 2020’s Minecraft Live, it looks like the upcoming event is full of surprises. But the sandbox game has a lot of catching up to do for this year’s live event after missing update schedules after schedules in their latest release timelines. It may be recalled that the Deep Dark biome was released far from its initial launch window.

Mojang might be more attentive this time announcing update releases. This particular problem could be what Larsson was talking about when she mentioned that Minecraft Live 2022 would “learn from mistakes”.

In June, Mojang released Minecraft’s “The Wild Update,” featuring a new OP mob, Guardian of the Deep Dark, and a new swamp biome. This update added new blocks and other new mobs. The creators have a particularly good reception of the new addition, with the exception that the new biome might be particularly difficult to find and frogs eat magma cubes.

Minecraft Legends

Besides the vanilla Minecraft updates, another big upcoming release from the block kingdom is “Minecraft Legends”. This Minecraft spin-off by Mojang is set to launch next year, as announced in the recently concluded Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase 2022.

Watch the Minecraft Legends trailer here:

According to Digitaltrends, the action strategy game Minecraft Legends may be Mojang’s biggest release next year. With the same blocky visuals as the original Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons, Minecraft Legends takes place in the standard Minecraft world. But unlike previous games, this one is all about tactical combat.

Looking at the official posters from the official Minecraft Legends website, the game will feature more powerful versions of mobs like Skeletons, Piglins, Golems, etc.

Mojang has yet to reveal much about this new title, but it looks like it will feature more combat than old-school mining and crafting.

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