Minecraft needs to stop promising features it can’t deliver

For two years, Mojang has canceled or delayed many promised Minecraft features, and the Minecraft community is frustrated with the inconsistency.

The developer of Minecraft has to stop promising features it can’t deliver. The Wild update was released without many of the features announced when it was released. Minecraft Live 2021 reveals, and while the new features in the update are welcome, many gamers are irritated that what was delivered differed significantly from what was promised. As Mojang Studios begins development of the next Minecraft update, he should be more secretive about his plans to avoid disappointing players.

The Caves & Cliffs update revealed in 2020 showed players a host of upcoming features, including the Guardian, new cave biomes, new ore, and most notably, a revamped world generation. However, when the Caves & Cliffs update was split into two parts, many of these features were delayed. In part 2 of MinecraftCaves & Cliffs update, the biggest change made was an overhaul to the game’s world-gen mechanics. While this game-changing feature was applauded by fans, Warden’s promised boss was once again delayed. Continuing this pattern, the newly released Wild update did not include some of its promised features. No changes were made to existing biomes, and fireflies, a long-awaited feature, have been postponed indefinitely by Mojang. Additionally, although Archeology and Bundles were originally announced to be released in June 2021, they remain absent from Minecraft. Over the past two years, MinecraftThe developer of has continuously delayed, shelved, and rolled back various features. Mojang’s model of not developing features has frustrated many members of the Minecraft community.


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Mojang’s efforts to be transparent about the potential Minecraft features and upgrades are well-intentioned. As a sandbox game, Minecraft achieves a lot. The game’s seemingly limitless potential has attracted a massive and dedicated community. Mojang understands Minecraftis important to the gaming community and tries to allow its playerbase some influence over game content. In recent years, however, Mojang’s transparency regarding MinecraftThe game’s development frustrated the community. While sharing potential features and concept art engages the community, it also leads to disappointment and frustration when the final product doesn’t follow. To avoid future upheaval, Mojang needs to learn from its mistakes and be more secretive about its plans for future updates.

Minecraft players don’t need to know everything Mojang does

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Minecraft players can’t mourn the loss of a feature if they never knew it was an option in the first place. While Mojang should continue to share its plans for the future of Minecraft with the community, it should be more selective about what it chooses to go public with, to avoid disappointment. Minecraft fans by removing features from updates. Deciding which aspects of a game’s development to release is a balancing act, and Mojang should continue to seek feedback from its players, but Mojang doesn’t need to tell players everything that will be included in a future release. updated before its release. The Minecraft the community isn’t afraid of surprises, and most of Mojang’s additions to Minecraft over the past decade have been well received by the community. The studio is perfectly capable of developing the game independently, given that very few Minecraft features have been changed in response to player feedback. Mojang needs to stop using content under development for marketing campaigns and focus on delivering quality content to gamers.

With its dedicated player base, regular updates and spinoffs including Legends and Dungeons, Minecraft has remained relevant since its release over a decade ago. Minecraft is one of the most popular games of 2022, and while its importance may fluctuate, it maintains a sizable core of gamers. It’s hard to imagine Minecraft getting irrelevant, however, it’s arguable that over the past couple of years, Mojang has lost some of the community’s trust. To win it back, MinecraftThe developer of should be more secretive about upcoming content and only share ideas for features that are sure to be delivered.

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