Minecraft Player creates their own in-game version of Monopoly using candles

A talented Minecraft player is developing an incredibly detailed Monopoly-inspired board game that can actually be played in-game.


It’s clear that the gaming community can be incredibly imaginative, as many often come up with unique ways to use Minecraft like a blackboard for creative expression. After all, players have been churning out some rather exceptional builds of late, with colossal castles, working Redstone calculators, and a Minecraft recreation of the Pac man maze being one of the more contemporary productions that has caught the interest of fans. However, this future player Monopoly The influenced board game has taken the community by storm like no other.


For the uninitiated, while Minecraft offers rudimentary sandbox modes where the main objective is to survive, those who feel more resourceful can use the game’s creative mode. Minecraft allows players to build whatever their mind can muster, without the looming threat of enemy mobs or lack of materials. All in all, this ease and openness has resulted in the design of some truly impressive Minecraft built. That said, that’s why it’s even more impressive when builders can construct a complex composition but in the game’s arduous survival mode.

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Similarly, a Reddit user known as MisterRUBI has revealed his own working game based on the iconic Monopoly plank design. Users immediately encountered this awesome build with over 3,900 upvotes on the Minecraft subreddit, as many applauded MisterRUBI’s efforts and seemed to enjoy seeing a real-life creation transported into minecraft with such inventiveness.

The image shared in the Reddit post shows the Minecraft player standing on a property in the corner which provides a full overview of the entire board. Surprisingly, even though this pop culture-inspired version of Monopoly may miss a real dice or player piece, the classic formula remains unchanged. This includes the ability to buy properties and upgrade them, which is represented by whether the candle is lit or not, as well as an RNG meter built using “shulkers and dispensers”. On top of that, signs decorate the border to label locations and show prizes just like the actual game.

In summary, with this in-game board game now trending within the community, it will be interesting to see what other keen game players can put together next in Minecraft. Some may benefit from Minecraft vast open world to build something like Dungeons & Dragons Where The games of life. Nevertheless, MisterRUBI’s point of view on Monopoly has to be one of the most impressive builds in recent memory.

Minecraft is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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