Minecraft: Story Mode Episodes ‘On Sale’ For $100 – Each

Here are some direct WTFery as what to do about Telltale Games’ back catalog continues to be an issue for digital markets. On Xbox360, Minecraft: Story mode has its individual episodes listed for $99.99 each. That’s right, a hundred.

There’s actually a good reason for that, but first, yeah, that price tag is meant to deter people from buying it. And yes, your credit card will be charged $99.99 if you try, just to see what happens.

According to Mojang (or whoever currently manages this game’s Facebook account), the blocking is because removing episodes from the sale meant that players who had already purchased the game could no longer download (or re-download) their remaining episodes. . “The only solution to this situation is to re-register the DLC for purchase”, they write.

Ergo, “To deter new purchases, they will be relisted at a very high price!” No kidding. “The listed price is an actual list price, please do not purchase the content, if you do, you will be charged the listed amount.”

We checked in on the Xbox 360 digital storefront this afternoon and yes, Mojang is not joking here. Their prices are really crazy! There were 13 episodes in all (eight in Season 1, five for Season 2), so there’s potential to spend over 20 times what this stuff was originally.


It’s not a permanent deal (or lack thereof). Back on May 31, Mojang announced that Minecraft: story mode would no longer be supported to June 25 and that sales have been suspended. Players have until then to get all of their episodes on their device before this shutdown occurs.

So, after June 25, the $99.99 episodes will be permanently released from the Xbox 360 marketplace and will no longer be available to anyone, whether they have already purchased the game or not.

Jonathan Stauder, a former director of Telltale, pointed out how bizarre this all is in a Tweet on Friday. Indeed, it is. This appears to be the only game affected; Tales from Borderlands has all of its episodes deleted, while Batman: The Reveal Series still has episodes listed (for the much more reasonable price of $4.99).

Telltale Games closed in September 2018; At the end of May, GOG.com announced that the studio’s catalog would be removed there, taking licensed collaborations like The wolf among usGuardians of the Galaxy and Batman: The Enemy Within offline – however, those who purchased these games will still have them in their library.