Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 Episode 5 Releases in December

The fifth and final episode of Telltale Games’ Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 will be out next week. On December 19, 2017, players will be able to play Under the bedrock. The new episode features Jesse taking on the Administrator in the final battle.

Here’s how Telltale describes the upcoming episode:

The home Jesse left so long ago – Beacontown – has succumbed to the Admin’s iron rule. Menacing guards patrol the streets, anxious citizens cower in fear and, worst of all, everyone thinks Jesse is responsible thanks to the Admin’s devious disguise. In order to save the town, the real Jesse must find a way to remove the administrator’s powers and bring him down once and for all…

Check out the trailer for the fifth episode of Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 below:

For more information on Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2, here’s how the developer describes the series:

Minecraft: Story Mode – Season 2 continues Jesse’s saga in a five-part, story-driven, episodic game series developed by Telltale in conjunction with Mojang and members of the Minecraft community. While the player picks from season one eventually carry over into season two, this new season will be accessible to both returning fans and newcomers.

This second season will also include Telltale’s unique “Crowd Play” multiplayer feature, which allows friends and family to engage in adventure together helping to decide the direction of the story from anywhere. which mobile device with an online connection.

Fifth episode of Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 releases December 19, 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and mobile.