Minecraft: The Best Bedrock Seeds (March 2022)

Even though we are already halfway through March 2022, Minecraft Bedrock Edition players are undoubtedly always on the lookout for the best seeds to spice up their Survival and Creative mode experiences. Not to mention that thanks to the 1.18 update, the terrain formations of the seed generations can be much more varied compared to older versions. From a seed containing every biome to a jungle temple with pandas, here are some of the best Minecraft Bedrock Edition seeds for March 2022.

1. Tons of Village Seeds

Tons of village seeds

On this map, you will spawn within 1,000 blocks of six villages. Further on you can find villages in a snowy biome with igloos as well as Pillager Outpost. This seed also works for Java Edition but contains fewer villages.

2. Each biome available in a single seed

Minecraft: The Best Bedrock Seeds (March 2022)

Reddit user SkinnyReject found an interesting bedrock seed containing every biome and tree type on a 5×5 map grid. It also comes with a huge mansion in the woods, many villages, caves and even end portals, nether fortresses and remnants bastion both on the surface and underground.

3. Snow Mountain Village Seed

Minecraft: The Best Bedrock Seeds (March 2022)

In the meantime, if you are looking for a comfortable and snowy place, Threads_Horreur_ytb is for you. This Minecraft bedrock seed offers you a snow village on a mountain with a very large cave inside, surely the best place to create your own mountain retreat.

4. Jungle Temple Village Seed

Jungle Temple Village Seed

From the collection of YouTuber Minecraft & Chill, an island vacation like no other. This village has everything you rarely see in an area: the aforementioned jungle temple, ocelots, pandas, and a beautiful bamboo-infested mountain not far from the settlement. Better to make a house near or inside the busy Temple area.

5. Underwater Temple Seed

Underwater Temple Seed

  • Seed: -5181140359215069925

After enjoying the bustling jungle temple village on the beach, it’s time to dive in and explore the sunken temple. Prepare against hostile underwater creatures and guardians to reap all the rewards hidden inside the abandoned structure.

6. Huge crater with a lake seed

IIIX-unknown-III Minecraft bedrock seed features one of the best tourist attractions using update 1.18: a massive crater with a lake at the bottom, complete with a village and a looter outpost. It is definitely a seed with a unique appearance that will inspire you to explore the area and find out what is hidden there.

7. Nether Village and Lush Mineshaft Seeds

Another seed from the Minecraft & Chill video. The first seed featured in the video above will take you to an epic mine shaft area containing a village with a giant Nether portal, a mansion with an exposed cave below, and an extremely lush mine shaft inside.

8. Deep Double Dungeon Cave in a Mountain Range Seed

Minecraft: The Best Bedrock Seeds (March 2022)

Meanwhile, the fourth featured seed lets you explore a deep cave with dungeons, a perfect place to farm mobs. And if you need a break, just step out of the cave to soak up the magnificent mountaintop views and trade with nearby villagers. There is also a huge and sprawling Dripstone Cave that you should explore.

9. Bamboo Biome Seed

Bamboo biome seed

Here you start your journey into the deep bamboo jungle. Keep hiking and you will find lush caves and frozen mountain ranges. This seed which is perfect if you are looking for a new atmospheric survival game comes from YouTuber abfielder.

10. Seeds of mansion, villages and biomes of all caves

Minecraft: Best Seeds 1.18

  • Seed: 8156889042544246423
  • Version: Bedrock 1.18

With this seed from Reddit user SkinnyReject, you’ll spawn very close to a huge cave system containing a geode and all cave biomes with ruined portals and ocean monuments. The ruined portal near your spawn point places you near a Remnant Stronghold, all Nether biomes, and a massive Nether Fortress.

11. Village with an outpost in it

This Minecraft bedrock The 1.18 seed of Calaifur unleashes total mayhem where raiders and villagers will clash in the same place. As seen in the image above, you can find this strange outpost inside a village at coordinates X:249 Y:67 Z:241.

12. Six Biome Seed

Minecraft: The Best Bedrock Seeds (March 2022)

For those of you who wanted a bit of everything. You start in the ocean and are surrounded by six different biomes. Whether you play Creative or Survival, this seed will surely surprise you as you explore the lands and uncover more secrets behind each area.

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