Minecraft’s Realistic Texture Pack Makes The Game Feel Different

Over all, Minecraft is best known for its pixelated block-based visuals, and without that the game simply loses its identity. Still, it would be fun to see how Minecraft would look with more realistic graphics!

Have you ever thought about what a Minecraft the sequel should look like a visual leap? Will you accept one day Minecraft set aside its pixelated, block-based visuals? I know the answer is already a “no” from much of the community, but it’s still worth testing out these crazy ideas.

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For Mojang, it is very important to keep the pixelated visuals as an identity. Even the game’s spin-off, Dungeons, launched with similar graphics, although it features quite a different style of play.

Minecraft | Trailer now official

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Minecraft | Trailer now official






Minecraft is no longer Minecraft with this hi-res texture pack

In a recent project, Digital Dreams tested a super realistic high resolution texture pack in Minecraftand the result is fantastic, even if it doesn’t look like Minecraft more.

The hi-res texture pack used in this video implements a major overhaul to how objects look in Minecraft. More blocks! you can now see everything in its original form rather than a boxed version.

While the result may not look like a cutting-edge 9th-gen game, this leap in visuals is so important to Minecraft.

Well, now that you’ve seen it, what’s your idea? Would you like to play Minecraft with this realistic texture pack, or do you prefer the pixelated version.

Minecraft is now available on PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, 3DS, Android and iOS.

If you’ve ever liked the work of Digital Dreams, be sure to check out their previous work on Skyrim also.

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