Modder turns Minecraft into Elden Ring lands between

An ingenious player transformed Minecraft in the world of Ring of Elden with multiple mods and hours of hard work.

YouTuber AsianHalfSquat revealed their creation in a 20 minute video detailing the various mods they used to create the Lands Between. With nearly 40 mods used in this setup, AsianHalfSquat has divided the setup into seven groups: Gameplay, Visuals, Boss Fights, Loot, Features, World Generation, and Ambiance. As they covered the mods, they went into detail about why they chose each one, how players can tweak the selection based on specific personal preferences for Minecraft and warned about potential issues some mods could cause with the game.

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Although the result looks like an impressive fusion between Minecraft and Ring of Eldenperhaps the most mind-blowing part of the level of work required to create it. Minecraft players interested in recreating Ring of Elden in their games, you can watch the video above to learn how to achieve this, or download what AsianHalfSquat calls CurseForge’s Shattered Ring modpack.

The end result is something that retains the pixelated quality of Minecraft but with very different combat, enemies and environments. The Shattered Ring mod adds new weapons with different combat timing, making button mashing more viable, especially when fighting a brutal mob of enemies. Ring of Elden bosses randomly pop up to attack and smash the ground around them and can quickly destroy players. One of the most impressive additions are the fire-breathing dragons, which fly around dispensing fireballs that explode and scorch the earth where they strike. Another is the texture of dungeon walls, which creates a much spookier atmosphere when paired with the vast hordes of enemies scattered around.

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Several similarities between the two games make such a mod not entirely surprising. While Ring of Elden is considered incredibly difficult, a recent study acknowledged Minecraft as the most difficult mobile game. While Ring of Elden is considered one of the most popular games of the moment, Minecraft is the best-selling game of all time. Both games also attract an assortment of players who attempt creative playthroughs, with speed racing being one of the most popular. A player recently completed a Minecraft fast-paced racing blindfolded for the first time in history, demonstrating the level of memory and dedication the game has managed to achieve since its release in 2009.

For players interested in trying out the Shattered Ring mod, they can get Minecraft for PC, but the game is also available on iOS, Linux, Android, Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, and Raspberry Pi. Meanwhile, those interested in the intricate fantasy world of Lands Between can find it in Ring of Eldenwhich is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

Source: YouTube, Curse Forge

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