Mojang on Minecraft Dungeons accessibility and difficulty

At PAX AUS 2019, Stevivor had the chance to sit down with Mojang’s Nathan Rose to talk about all things accessibility in the upcoming Minecraft Dungeonsincluding how difficulty will factor into the mix.

According to Rose, he and the Mojang team have a “sustained plan” to introduce accessibility options to Minecraft Dungeons before and after its launch.

” I used Apex Legends as a reference,” Rose said, “where everything is straight away. Everything is on by default and capable players can go in and turn things off if they don’t like it.

“We will support the adaptive controller [at launch] and there are things we want to add for launch that we just won’t have time to do. We have a sustained plan; we have DLC, so there’s no reason why we can’t add more accessible features later.

In addition to adaptive controller support, features like “font size, colorblind mode” and more, though Rose pointed out that Mojang is “taking extra steps to do everything we can” to go from the front.

Rose added that accessibility features also exist in the way co-op play was designed.

“Some accessible features come from the gameplay itself,” he said. “The game is going to adapt to whoever starts the server, as well as loot levels. So the lower level character will get good loot pretty quickly and it will increase their experience.

Rose confirmed to Stevivor that “difficulty level is based on who starts the server”, so individual difficulty levels aren’t possible within the drop-and-drop co-op that Mojang has in mind. Minecraft Dungeons.

“The difficulty opens linearly; you complete the game in normal mode, you unlock Adventure mode,” Rose added. “You have completed this, you unlock Apocalypse Mode.”

Minecraft Dungeons is expected on Windows PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch in 2020. We previewed the title at E3 2019.

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