New Minecraft Dungeons Diary talks about the lore behind the game

What do you want to know

  • Minecraft Dungeons is Mojang’s next Diablo-like dungeon crawler.
  • It expands the already popular Minecraft into a full-fledged franchise.
  • The developers released regular videos showcasing the game’s creation process.
  • The most recent “Diary” talks about the development of the Minecraft Dungeons story.

Asking the question of how to expand the Minecraft universe is hard, and answering it is even harder. Mojang is accomplishing just that with Minecraft Dungeons, a Diablo-them-up dungeon raider that exists alongside Minecraft and Minecraft Earth to create what is now a franchise in its own right. Mojang has just released a new Minecraft Dungeons Diary that talks in depth about the game’s lore-building process, while staying within the confines of Minecraft.

The video follows others like the one that discusses the game’s different environments. It’s definitely worth watching, as it talks about the “why” behind the things players will do in Minecraft Dungeons, especially about the main antagonist of the games, the Arch-Illager. In Minecraft Dungeons, the illagers are the resident force of villains that you must defeat, but their leader is a bit of an enigma.

The new journal explains how the Arch-Illager is actually a deformed villager who was ridiculed and cast out of his life, and came across the Orb of Dominance in his desperation. The Orb gave him immense powers and his despair turned to rage. The Minecraft Dungeons lore is there to make the game feel more real and personal than “go here, kill that” that other similar games sometimes fall into.

Finally, the team talks about how proud they are of the ending and how they hope Minecraft Dungeons come away pleasantly surprised by the decisions they have to make and the consequences of those decisions. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to find out, assuming the game still releases in its April 2020 launch window.

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