New Minecraft Dungeons DLC will be released next month

Minecraft Dungeons will receive its next DLC Howling Peaks next month, as detailed in a . Alongside the release of Howling Peaks, Minecraft Dungeons is also getting another season pass, which gives you access to the game’s next four DLC expansions at a discounted price.

As the name suggests, the Howling Peaks DLC adds a whole new mountain area for you to dungeon explore all the way to the top. The area features new enemies to fight, such as Squall Golem and Mountaineer, as well as additional armor, weapons, and artifacts to discover. If you manage to reach the top, you will also have to defeat a new boss: the Tempest Golem. The Howling Peaks will be available on December 9.

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The Howling Peaks is the first of four DLCs included in the second Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass. Like Howling Peaks, each of the upcoming Minecraft Dungeons DLC expansions will add new levels, items, puzzles, and story. Like the two DLCs included in the first season pass, you’ll be able to purchase each of these next four DLCs individually if you prefer, but again the season pass gets you all four at a cheaper price.

Whether or not you accept these upcoming expansions, Minecraft Dungeons players have more content to look forward to. Free content will continue to flow into the game alongside paid DLC, such as six free enchantments that will be added alongside the Howling Peaks.

Writing in GameSpot, Steve Watts wrote: “Minecraft Dungeons are missing obvious parts of what gave the namesake its identity – notably, breaking through walls to explore underground caverns and using found materials to craft. But because it is such a successful departure from its predecessor, Dungeons shows just how flexible the franchise has become.Rather than changing our expectations of what games can be, it capitalizes on its own popularity to introduce young gamers to a classic genre and serves as a short but sweet treat for veteran looters. It scratches the dungeon-crawler itch with a sense of goofy charm and expands what Minecraft can be.”

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