New Music, Ancient Towns, Guardian Changes, and More

Every week a beta and preview is released for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. A snapshot was also released for Java Edition. Still, the beta and preview contain significant changes for players who otherwise wouldn’t be able to test them out until later big updates. In this case, it’s the 1.19 update, and it’s highly anticipated.

This week, players are getting closer and closer to The Wild Update, which will feature the Guardian, Ancient Cities, and more. The Beta introduces updated features for the Guardian and Ancient Towns and adds new music.

Beta version and preview are available now. For more information on downloading, visit the Mojang site or see this guide. Here’s what players can expect from the update.

Launch of a new beta and preview of Minecraft Bedrock Edition

The new Minecraft beta update has released the following changes which players will be able to witness after downloading it.

It’s time for a Bedrock Beta / Preview update! is released today! Check the changelog here:…And as always, please vote and submit any new comments and bugs you have on our official channels! Enjoy!

The announcement comes via Mega_Spud on Twitter, a community manager for Minecraft.

A few bugfixes were introduced in Beta Update regarding sound, including the addition of new music:

  • They added new music tracks for The Wild Update.
  • Frogs now use all hurtful sounds available to them.
  • Froglights now have the correct break sound. Before, they had incorrect sounds.


Ancient Cities in the Deep Dark have already been introduced in previous Minecraft betas, but have received a few changes:

  • Soul Lanterns will no longer spawn on air blocks in Ancient Towns.
  • The center of town now has a full rectangle of reinforced slate, a block exclusive to Ancient Towns.
  • Echo Shards can now be found in loot chests there.

As dangerous as the Guardian already was, Minecraft updated it and arguably made it more dangerous. Here’s what they changed in Beta Update

  • Guardian now has a Sonic Boom attack. It deals ranged damage and has a knockback effect.
  • Guardian does not sniff when targeting.
  • Warden now gets angry at any mob that comes up against him.
  • Fixed an issue where the guardian was giving too little XP.
The Guardian (Image via Mojang)
The Guardian (Image via Mojang)

A few other changes have also been introduced, including the fact that the Empowered Deepslate cannot be destroyed by the Wither. Other minor bug fixes were also introduced in the beta update.

Players can check the official changelog on the Mojang website for a full list of patch notes and any additional information about Beta Update Downloading the beta update is very simple and can be done from the game client itself.

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