Potential Minecraft mobs that could adapt to the new mangrove biome

The Sandbox Building Game Minecraft has become so successful over the past decade that Mojang is working on several spin-offs. Its mobile AR game minecraft earth has come and gone, but the Diablo-As Minecraft Dungeons always gets new content. Meanwhile action-strategy game Minecraft Legends was announced during the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase on June 12, showcasing an all-new look at the universe in collaboration with Blackbird Interactive.


Even with these various projects in the pipeline, production on Minecraft good keep going strong. Although the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has affected Mojang’s scale on updates like Caves and Cliffs, as well as The Wild Update which launched on June 7, its voxel-based gameplay is getting more complex every day. year. The Wild Update, Minecraft Version 1.19 was disappointing to many due to its two biomes – Mangroves and Deep Darkness – only featuring a small handful of mobs, as well as a few quality of life changes like creating boats with chests. The swamp variant in particular has a lot of potential for additional mobs down the line.

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The main reason for Minecraft players to find mangroves, which generate warmer biomes like jungles and deserts, are its mangroves and frogs. These amphibians are particularly interesting given Minecraft players can tame and breed frogs, watching them change from tadpoles to unique shapes depending on where they spawn.

A piece of content cut from The Wild Update’s original pitch at Minecraft Live 2021 was fireflies. While these sparkling insects would have been a great aesthetic addition to swamp biomes, Mojang removed them after discovering that this potential food source for frogs would be toxic to them in real life. The fireflies are still there Minecraftunlike the Birch Forest updates which were cut down after the early design stages, so a future update could see them create fun light sources when placed in glass bottles.

mud slimes

Speaking of light sources, because frogs can no longer eat fireflies in Minecraft, Mojang gave them the ability to eat slime. Basic slimes are more likely to spawn in traditional swamp biomes, so it makes sense from a gameplay perspective, but one interesting quirk is that frogs produce a bioluminescent frog light block when eating cubes of Nether magma. Given how difficult it is to get these two mobs in the same room across dimensions, new slime variants would be fun to see in the Mangroves. Since the biome is defined by mud blocks introduced in 1.19, mud-based slimes might fit the theme well.

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One big thing the mangroves lack is a uniquely hostile mob to call their own. Witches and Black Cats are a little more common in basic swamps due to the presence of swamp hut structures, so something new hidden among the thick roots of mangrove trees could be an effective way to surprise players. In real life, these trees are usually found in tropical areas around the equator, including parts of the southern United States like Florida and Louisiana. Including alligators based on this part of the world would be especially interesting if Mojang leaned in to make them look like logs or driftwood in water, forcing players to scrutinize the environment closely.


Piranhas are another interesting potential mob. Mainly found in freshwater lakes and rivers in South America, you could say that piranhas work best in Minecraftjungle biome than mangroves. However, jungles don’t usually spawn with huge bodies of water in the same way, so some liberties might be taken depending on how close they are. It would be fitting to see the piranhas playing the part of a hostile mob as the mangroves already spawn schools of tropical fish. Just as alligators would hide by posing as logs, piranhas might hide by posing as other fish. Perhaps a school of piranha could be just as menacing as the guardian of the dark and deep biome.

Minecraft is now available for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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