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Minecraft Dungeons has officially announced its first seasonal adventure. These were announced about a month ago. With Seasonal Adventures, players can advance through an all-new progression system. This system will unlock new pets, flairs, emotes, and skins for a player’s Minecraft Dungeons avatar.

The first official seasonal adventure has just been announced and is called Cloudy Climb. It doesn’t launch immediately, but it’s coming soon, so Minecraft Dungeons players should be prepared for it. Here’s everything they need to know about the upcoming event.

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Cloudy Climb: Minecraft Dungeons’ first seasonal adventure announced

Cloudy Climb, which will be the first of many seasonal adventures in Minecraft Dungeons, received an official release date in a tweet: marking its arrival on December 14. That leaves less than a month before its official arrival and players can start reaping the rewards.

Hero! The clouds are gathering, the tower is looming, the seasons are changing! On December 14, aim for the sky with #CloudyClimb! Learn all about Dungeons’ first seasonal adventure:↣ ↢

Based on the information available, it appears Minecraft Dungeons is taking a season-based approach, similar to Fortnite, Apex Legends, and several other popular games. Here’s what Mojang had to say about the upcoming change:

“Cloudy Climb will introduce new free content that includes an all-new progression system, weekly challenges, and a looming tower that – whether you like it or not – love reorganize as soon as he gets the chance. Typical procedurally generated tower behavior, but also the perfect place to test your skills and gain adventure points!”

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Adventure Points will essentially be the form of currency used to unlock the aforementioned pets, flairs, emotes, and skins. These will all be free for players, so everyone can participate and enjoy the free rewards. However, there is a paid option for players who want to speed up the process.

Heroes, the adventure continues! Seasonal Adventures are coming to Dungeons! Advance through an all-new progression system to earn pets, styles, emotes, and skins! This December, reach new heights in Cloudy Climb – Dungeons’ first seasonal adventure!#CloudyClimb

The premium version will have additional rewards which are arguably better. They will still have the free ones, but paying for the premium side will unlock more rewards and challenges. This will be in the Adventure Pass, which will also be available alongside the Seasonal Adventure, when it goes live on December 14.

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There will be more seasonal adventures after Cloudy Climb.  (Picture via Mojang)
There will be more seasonal adventures after Cloudy Climb. (Picture via Mojang)

For more information, Minecraft Dungeons players can check the official Twitter page and the official Mojang website for updates.

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