Release date for all regions and platforms revealed

In a week, Minecraft Dungeons players around the world will be able to enjoy the establishment of Seasonal Adventures and their first “Cloudy Climb” season on December 14, 2021.

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Offering new challenges, a Battle Pass-style system offering new cosmetic rewards, and a new location that changes its layout over time; Minecraft Dungeons heroes have something to look forward to in December when Cloudy Climb begins.

Not only that, but the implementation of seasonal adventures shows that Cloudy Climb is just the beginning, as several seasons of these adventures are in the works according to the game’s development team. Present and future, there are a lot of content to enjoy in Minecraft Dungeons.

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Minecraft Dungeons: What to expect from Cloudy Climb

The tower is a new location with multiple floors and a periodically changing layout (Image via Mojang)
The tower is a new location with multiple floors and a periodically changing layout (Image via Mojang)

As the first scheduled seasonal adventure for Minecraft Dungeons, Cloudy Climb is expected to bring many different rewards and challenges, all centered around its own theme. The cosmetics and other rewards unlocked during this season are exclusive according to the developers, so heroes will want to secure them before they are lost in later seasons. While the story of Minecraft Dungeons remains the same, players will be able to revisit familiar areas with different goals in mind through the new Adventure Pass.

The Adventure Pass, taking on the Battle Pass-like structure of other games such as Fortnite, allows heroes to accumulate Adventure Points to unlock tiered rewards. Among these rewards are many new cosmetic items such as non-combat pets, capes, emotes, and flairs. Minecraft Dungeons already had more than a few ways to customize a hero and make them stand out, and it looks like Seasonal Adventures and Adventure Pass will build on that more.

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The central and titular aspect of the first seasonal adventure in Minecraft Dungeons will be the new tower location. Accessible to players through the Camp, the Tower is a multi-story structure made up of several challenging enemy locations and areas. With a total of 32 floors, the heroes will have to persevere to reach the top. However, there are more than a few rewards along the way, and players will reap more than their fair share as they climb the dangerous floors of this new location.

All of this content will be available to players worldwide on December 14 on all platforms where the game can be found. For new players or veterans alike, now is a great time to dive back into Minecraft Dungeons.

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