Story Mode Season 2 Episode 4 Trailer Gets Scary

Telltale and Mojang have just released an additional chilling trailer for the next episode of Minecraft: Story Mode – Season 2. The fourth episode, titled “Below the Bedrock”, continues the journey of Jesse and the gangs, as they journey into uncharted territory.

The final episode saw them narrowly escape Administrator’s prison by heading under bedrock, The Sunshine Institute, with the help of another former Administrator, Prisoner X (Xara). In the new trailer, Jesse and the remaining fugitives not only discover a forgotten city, but an entire world is hidden beneath the previously unbreakable earth.

We got a glimpse of some of the spooky things lurking at the end of “Jailhouse Block,” as a giant Enderman stalked around behind the gang. The trailer sees the return of the giant, along with a host of other monsters and tortured souls that inhabit the first world.

Xara reveals through narration in the trailer that this “First World” was the first ever built, created by Fred (he is dead), Romeo (the current administrator), and herself. “Below the Bedrock” will again see Jesse and his friends do their best to defend the innocent people who live in the “First World” while trying to defeat the Admin and his twisted creations (like a lava golem).

Another interesting tidbit revealed by the trailer is that the man the admin sent after Jesse’s group will also be making appearances.

Minecraft: Story Mode – Season 2. Episode four, “Under the bedrockwill be available for download from November 7, 2017 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

For more info, be sure to come back to the site for our official review when it’s released, and don’t forget to check out reviews of the previous three episodes ahead of release.