Super League Gaming launches Pixel Paradise as a Minecraft Bedrock server

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Super League Gaming has launched Pixel Paradise, the first Minecraft Bedrock server that targets role-playing game fans.

The server is a kind of personalized hub where players can hang out or they can create their own narratives. It’s designed to prioritize role-playing while bringing your imagination to life with your friends in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, which works on PC, consoles, and mobile.

In Pixel Paradise, players abandon player versus player competition and travel to an island that emphasizes player creativity and ingenuity. It was rumored to arrive in June and has been out for a few days, and it already has a few hateful.

Role-playing is Pixel Paradise’s main game mode, and it will have several scenarios that will receive regular updates. Different characters will be available for each player. Adventures will begin with players role-playing on their own home island, then progressing through challenges in locations such as the Grand Paradise Hotel, Secret Beach, and the Pixel Aquarium.

To complete tasks, players will need to learn how to manage their currency, optimize their resources, and pursue useful communications with existing and new friends.

More relaxed game

Above: Spleef is one of Pixel Paradise’s attractions.

Image Credit: Super League Gaming

For players looking for a little more action, Pixel Paradise offers mini-games based on popular Minecraft modes such as Spleef, a hyper-fast last-person puzzler in which players jump onto a platform while the blocks under their feet disappear in an unpredictable pattern.

Niraj Morar, Managing Director of InPvP (a division of Super League Gaming and an official partner of Microsoft Minecraft), said in an interview with GamesBeat that he has been in the development and server space of Minecraft for nearly 10 years. . He wanted players to have a space where they could express themselves in a virtual and safe experience using Minecraft as an outlet. It partnered with Minecraft owner Microsoft to create the experience.

“It’s one of our visions for a role-playing experience that’s a bit different for Minecraft,” Morar said. “We have experience with Mineville [another Minecraft Bedrock server]but we really wanted to challenge ourselves to do things differently with Pixel Paradise.

The server is for different types of multiplayer players who like to play different roles rather than just competing with each other.

“The player finds himself and guides his own experience while we are the narrator of his role play,” he said. “They can go to a creative island where everything is bright and sparkling. Players can do whatever they want. But we create the scenery.

A thoughtful departure

Above: Islands are a feature of Pixel Paradise.

Image Credit: Super League Gaming

Super League Gaming Chief Strategy Officer Mike Wann said in an interview that Pixel Paradise is a thoughtful departure from typical gaming experiences on the Minecraft Bedrock server ecosystem. He said he’s aimed at gamers regardless of gender, and players can create and share their content, role-play with friends in places like Starducks Coffee Cafe, and collaborate on collecting resources. .

“My kids are beta testers themselves, and the ecosystem has continued to grow,” Wann said. “It should be noted that over 50% of Minecraft players are girls. We wanted to create a multiplayer platform that allows players to have their own sandbox and have their own experience with us guiding them through it.

Wann acknowledged that some gamers were being sarcastic about Pixel Paradise.

“When we first released Mineville, we felt a similar feeling,” Wann said. “It was understandable. Players accustomed to multiplayer servers are mostly PvP free minigame players. They expected free games that matched what was already in the ecosystem.

He added, “The goal of Pixel Paradise was to target the gamer who didn’t have an outlet to play a more casual and creative side of the game with friends. It’s like an avid Call of Duty player diving into Animal Crossing and not having the best experience. You really can’t compare the two, it’s like apples and spaceships.

Pixel Paradise charges 310 coins ($1.99) for a Volcano Pass. It costs 830 to 2,730 coins ($4.99 to $15.99) for stronger pickaxes, and additional non-player characters on the island range from 830 coins to 2,720 coins ($4.99 to $15.99). A VIP pass costs 4,280 coins.

Pixel Paradise offers free game modes so anyone can jump in and play some nostalgic classic Minecraft modes. It also offers a “Play Pass” for those who want to enhance their experience.

The roots of Mineville

InPvP is already enjoyed by over 22 million players each year through its Mineville server. To play, open the Minecraft Game Server tab on your device and click on Pixel Paradise.

Super League Gaming is a gaming and esports content and community platform for tens of millions of gamers. It helps young gamers experiment and create their own imaginative Minecraft worlds.

“We saw a group of people submitting their own designs and creativity,” Morar said. “It’s a small start. People need time to make their masterpieces. But it’s amazing to walk into the server and see people walking around with their friends and having conversations with our non-player characters.

InPvP will continuously update the server and add new games and mini-quests.

“Every month we have new content coming out so we can take player feedback and then increase the things that people enjoy,” Wann said.

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