Sykkuno uses sneaky tactic during Minecraft 1v1 against Kkatamina: “You’re sick of that”

After finally getting their Minecraft Kingdom all in place, Sykkuno and Kkatamina were about to embark on their journey when the two decided to fight to the death with their bare hands, and chaos ensued.

During a recent broadcast, Kkatamina and Sykkuno had just finished defeating the first boss of the dungeon crawler roleplaying game. nobody saves the world when the two decided to start a hardcore Minecraft Kingdom for fun.

The duo had just entered the game when Sykkuno asked if the kingdom’s game mode had been set to hardcore as they had planned, and after purely logical thinking, the two decided it would be best to s kill each other to find the answer. .

But before Sykkuno and Kkatamina could fight to the death, they had to solve another problem: the latter had appeared on top of a tree while the other was already on the dirt blocks below. Sykkuno urged Kkatamina to jump because it “would look dramatic”, and after some hesitation, the Twitch star jumped onto a mossy cobblestone and took two and a half hearts of damage. But what happened next came as even more of a surprise to the streamer.

Before Kkatamina could do anything else, Sykkuno started attacking him, signifying the start of one-on-one, but with a huge health difference to his advantage. The shocking betrayal led Kkatamina to choose words for his fellow streamer ahead of his eventual death in Minecraft.

“You suck, you suck. You are so troll, I can’t with you. No, you are sick for that,” Miyoung shouted.

Despite the hilarious ordeal that led to Kkatamina’s death in both Minecraft Realm, she was able to respawn immediately, at least giving the duo the answer they were looking for, the game mode wasn’t set to hardcore.

Finally having their answer, Sykkuno and Kkatamina were able to continue their Minecraft trip, but their adventure did not have the happy ending that many were hoping for. Just 30 minutes later, Sykkuno again trolled his fellow streamer and had him killed by an iron golem. All Kkatamina could do was ask Sykkuno “why are you like this”.

Luckily it was just in time as the two planned to play boo men with Valkyrae and xChocoBars, leaving Sykkuno alone after betraying his friend again in Minecraft.