Minecraft Dungeons is approaching its second anniversary after release and has been growing ever since with new updates, DLC and constant post-launch support from Mojang Studios and Double Eleven. On Tuesday, Mojang revealed that its Minecraft-derived ARPG had impressively surpassed 15 million players, another milestone for the title. Starting today,Read More →

Minecraft Dungeons was a crazy start for Mojang Studios, pouring a ton of Minecraft DNA into a hitherto unexplored genre for the studio. Now, Minecraft Dungeons has over 10 million unique players and healthy post-launch support with six DLC expansions released since the game’s inception. On Tuesday, Mojang kicked offRead More →

Many Minecraft players may be focusing on the latest Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta today, but Mojang Studios isn’t stopping with this experimental installment of the next major update. The current public version of Minecraft is update 1.17.30, which was released with a significant number of changes, quality of life improvements,Read More →

Source: Mojang Studios | Twitter Minecraft Dungeons, the co-op action-RPG spin-off of Minecraft, has just begun celebrating its one-year anniversary. A year later, Minecraft Dungeons was released five DLC expansions, including the recently launched Minecraft Dungeons Hidden Depths DLC and added a ton of new content and enhancements to theRead More →

Source: Mojang Studios | Twitter If you enjoyed everything Minecraft Dungeons has to offer, today will be a good day. Mojang Studios is officially releasing the Minecraft Dungeons Hidden Depths DLC today, which adds a wide range of additional content for players to enjoy in this co-op-focused action-RPG adventure. TheRead More →

Source: Mojang Studios | Twitter Minecraft Dungeons is now a fully-fledged, beautifully presented action-RPG set in the ever-evolving Minecraft universe. However, the game is far from finished, with a few more expansions already confirmed to head into co-op play in the future. Today, Mojang Studios announced the next Minecraft DungeonsRead More →

Source: Mojang Studios | Twitter Minecraft: Bedrock Edition launches a new beta today with, which includes the usual series of bug fixes and changes to improve the overall state of Minecraft. However, another change in this week’s beta reminds us all that, yes, this is a beta and willRead More →

Source: Mojang Studios | Twitter Minecraft Dungeons is the co-op focused ARPG spin-off of Minecraft, and it wasn’t necessarily taken seriously by hardcore Minecrafters upon release. Fun game mechanics, beautiful graphics, and a steady stream of updates and DLCs like the Howling Peaks DLC have all made Minecraft Dungeons anRead More →

Source: Mojang Studios | Twitter Minecraft Dungeons is starting the week off with a huge announcement: the next Minecraft Dungeons DLC is Flames of the Nether, and it’s coming this month with a massive free update. After tons of speculation, teases from the Minecraft Dungeons team, and Minecraft Live previews,Read More →

Minecraft Dungeons, the ARPG dungeon crawling addition to the growing Minecraft universe, has added a ton of new content and updates since its launch. More recently, the game just launched the Howling Peaks DLC alongside a new Season Pass, which includes Howling Peaks and three other unannounced expansions. To getRead More →

Minecraft Dungeons has already come a long way since launch, releasing major updates and expansions like Jungle Awakens, Creeping Winter, and adding new endgame content with Apocalypse Plus. Now fans of Mojang Studio’s co-op-focused ARPG Minecraft spin-off are looking to the future, with the next expansion for Minecraft Dungeons. TheRead More →