The 15 Best Texture Packs for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

One of the best survival sandbox games, Minecraft has one of the best availability across different platforms. Most mobile devices, tablets, and consoles have a version of the game, known as the Bedrock Edition. The operation of this version is different from the Java edition, as it has some additional limitations and features.

Bedrock has been said to provide a smoother Minecraft experience compared to Java, but where it’s definitely lacking is in the modded content. Luckily, there are a few cool things that even those who play Bedrock can add to add some color to their game, including texture packs. These can really change the way the game feels. These are 10 of the best Minecraft Bedrock texture packs that players should try.

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Updated on April 29, 2021 by Anastasia Maillot: Although Mojang has announced that there will be a slight delay in its upcoming 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update, which will instead be released in two parts rather than one, there are still ways to make Minecraft fit. feels like a new game.

Bedrock players looking to revamp the game should start here, with texture packs. Although the game fundamentally remains the same, a great texture pack can still completely change the way players experience the world during their adventure. Here are some great additional texture packs for Minecraft Bedrock.

15 HD modern textures

Traditionally, the game has had a fairly natural, almost medieval look. It’s hard to place Minecraft in a set time frame because it has features like red stone while also having magic and swords. That doesn’t mean, however, that modern looks aren’t an option.

HD modern textures by Imagine does it brilliantly, not only giving the game a high definition and realistic look, but also changing the way the blocks appear. This is ideal for builders who want to create modern constructions.


14 Pure BDCraft

There’s no denying that Minecraft has a vibrant, almost cartoonish look. That being said, there are a few Minecraft Bedrock texture packs that further emphasize that playful side of the game by truly introducing cartoons and comics into the game.

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BD CraftThe Pure BDCraft Texture Pack turns every block and mob in the game into something straight out of the pages of a comic book. This is a great bedrock texture pack for players who want immersive monsters that actually have some personality in their appearance.

13 HorrorCraft

Halloween may still be a long way off, but who cares? This Minecraft Bedrock Texture Pack by GoE-Craft brings the fall and all its horrors right to the player’s doorstep. Every block and mob has been designed to fit a terrifying horror theme, guaranteed to turn a peaceful game into a spooky experience.

Not only that, the textures are quite detailed, and even mundane things like plants will have their own little special twist to really deliver the horror experience.

12 Zigzag

For players who can’t stand horror and just want their game to look cute and inviting, there’s ZigZag, a Minecraft Bedrock texture pack created by Jamizzle. It has a simple, somewhat cartoony look, with very sharp colors and high quality textures.

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The most important part, however, is how the monsters look. Most of them will have funny and adorable googly eyes, which will definitely give them a bit of extra character, while also making the game more fun to play.

11 KingdomCraft

Every Minecraft player should try out a medieval-themed texture pack at least once, because of how much it can do for the game and its immersion. Rather than focusing on building, this Minecraft Bedrock texture pack from GoE-Craft is ideal for players who want to play an adventure map or create their own in-game RPG.

Each mob has a whole new look that matches a medieval fantasy kingdom, and the blocks have also been improved, making it much easier to build huge castles and other surviving medieval structures.

ten MazinPack

MazinPack is an 8×8 texture pack that retains most of the traditional Minecraft colors, while simplifying the textures and making them a bit more vibrant. This Minecraft Bedrock texture pack has a simplistic, cartoon-like appearance, ideal for those who prefer their worlds to look blocky rather than realistic.

MazinPack is still a work in progress, and not all elements have been textured yet. Most of the essential blocks, however, have been redone in his signature style. There’s currently no Java version either, so it’s a unique treat for Bedrock players.

9 paper cut

For those looking for a slightly more detailed but still very vibrant, clean and cartoon-like look for their game, the paper cut The Minecraft Bedrock Texture Pack is a perfect addition. This pack gives a bit more depth to most blocks in the game, but without straining the user’s computer.

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Some of the most notable aspects are the appearance of leaves and plants. Due to the clean look of the texture pack, the plants don’t appear choppy and flat, but rather have a nice, playful drawing feel.

8 kawaii world

Minecraft Kawaii World Texture Pack

Pink and adorable is the name of the game when it comes to MaRieCx’s Kawaii World Minecraft Bedrock Texture Pack. Everything you can imagine changing really changes in this texture pack, from wooden planks suddenly having a pink hue, to even hostile mobs suddenly possessing a cute and innocent appearance.

The UI also changes significantly with this texture pack, so don’t be surprised if you choose to download this one. Bright, pink and purple hues instantly transform an entire Minecraft world into a dream.

7 New Wayukian

For a slightly realistic but still very cartoonish medieval RPG look, the New Wayukian The Minecraft Bedrock Texture Pack is the only option that offers the most. The textures aren’t too harsh or too dark, just bordering on realism and dynamic RPG gameplay.

Players who want to dive into a more adventure-oriented game of Minecraft should definitely give this texture pack a try, as it changes just about every aspect of the game, from blocks to items to how monsters look. The game is barely recognizable at this point, but it’s a nice change.

6 Example by default

Most gamers really like the original Minecraft experience. The default look isn’t bad, but it could definitely use a bit of a cleanup. Fortunately, the Example by default The Minecraft Bedrock Texture Pack does just that and a bit more. Some textures are brand new but still recognizable, while others have had some minor tweaks.

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This is the perfect texture pack for a gamer who loves Minecraft for what it is and doesn’t want anything too complicated in their game. The clean look is just what is needed to keep the game looking fresh.

5 BlockPixel

Everything in Minecraft is blocky or square, but that doesn’t mean the textures can’t be improved. That’s exactly what BlockPixel Is. This Minecraft Bedrock texture pack incorporates the idea of ​​blocks and squares into each texture, giving it a completely different look while still retaining that signature Minecraft feel.

The colors are super vibrant and due to the blocky textures everything looks just different enough to be interesting. The villagers also have a whole new look, which should improve some of the player immersion.

4 Hafen

Fans of traditional platformers like Super Mario will no doubt appreciate a texture pack like Hafen. The colors are ultra vibrant and playful in this texture pack, so much so that it ends up being a game changer a bit. However, it’s a very clean and adorable look.

Hafen was one of the first Minecraft Bedrock texture packs to also incorporate the Nether biomes from version 1.16, which is why these textures look particularly amazing in this pack as well. Fans of retro games will definitely appreciate this aesthetic.

3 Depixel

When it comes to the Depixel Minecraft Bedrock Texture Pack, the words “Minecraft, but a touch of realism” perfectly describe the feel of the colors and textures found inside. The game world is still very recognizable, with no major changes. However, many mobs and blocks will have significant texture upgrades.

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The leaves will actually be shaped like leaves, the mobs will appear a bit more spooky and real, but the color schemes still maintain a very playful and vibrant width. This is a nice subtle texture pack for players looking for a little upgrade.

2 dokucraft

If Skyrim and Minecraft were to have a baby, dokucraft would surely be exactly what it would look like. Fans of traditional medieval RPGs will fall in love with the immersive, highly realistic and detailed Dokucraft Texture Pack, which is one of the most popular texture packs in Minecraft history.

Dokucraft completely changes the look of the game. The world will look much less dynamic, but the elements and details will definitely appear more realistic and well-defined thanks to the high quality textures. It’s the perfect way to turn Minecraft into a fantasy RPG all at once.

1 Zedercraft

Gamers who aren’t afraid to put their devices to the test and who live for the most realism should try the famous Zedercraft Minecraft Bedrock Texture Pack. This pack is as realistic in appearance as one can get in Minecraft.

Don’t be surprised, but many passive tameable animals and monsters will look like real animals. The appearance may be shocking at first, but it’s an experience that improves over time and transforms the game into something so different it becomes almost unrecognizable.

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