The 17 Best Minecraft Seeds in 2022

Minecraft launches new players into a vast open world, but what if you have an idea of ​​where you want to start the game? We’ve rounded up the best Minecraft seeds to give you a head start.

What are seeds in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, a seed is code used to generate your world. Usually the game gives you a random number when you create a new world, but you can enter your own custom start code. Players share seeds so they can start the game in their preferred biome with access to specific resources.

How to Use Minecraft Seeds

On the Minecraft world selection screen, select Create a new. In world settings, navigate to Advanced and click under World seed. Enter the starting number, then select Create.

Best Minecraft Seeds

These seeds have been tested on Minecraft Bedrock version 1.9.2. The results may be different depending on your version.

three fortresses

Plant: 4364519598890647509

If you want to jump straight into dungeon crawling without having to search for enemy strongholds, this seed launches you into a forest near three strongholds, all within 1500 blocks of the spawn point. Along with tons of loot and monsters, each stronghold contains an End Portal that you can activate to reach the Ender Dragon.

Survival Island Villages

Plant: 2218715947278290213

If you’re new to the Survival Island challenges, this seed is a good place to start as you’ll spawn near a village that has everything you need. If you’re playing the Java version, there will be four villages on the island to explore, but Bedrock users will have at least one village.

Mangrove Jungle Island

Plant: -7135175970849399448

This survival island is half mangrove swamp and half jungle biome. The environment is beautiful, but not particularly hospitable, so your main goal is to make a boat and get off the island as soon as possible. If you decide to tame an ocelot, you can take it with you.

mushroom fields


This seed starts you off near a rare mushroom biome, the only biome without hostile mobs, making it the perfect place for your refuge. As you’ll need a boat to get there, you might want to explore the nearby Desert Temple first, but beware of traps.

big old swamp

Plant: 8040866539899091321

Do you feel most comfortable in the swamp? This seed has perhaps the largest swamp biome in Minecraft ever discovered. Throughout the bog, you’ll find five witch huts, several ruined nether portals, and hundreds of frogs. If you feed magma cubes to frogs, you can create beautiful Froglight blocks to light up the night.

Mansion in a meadow


Most survival island seeds have you roughing it in the desert, but this one starts you off near a huge wooded mansion that you can loot for resources and claim as a base. You can also find two villages near the spawn point. The mansion will only be there if you play the Bedrock Edition.

lush cave

Plant: -156227665

Lush caves are perhaps the most beautiful biomes, and it’s the only place you can harvest glow berries and find axolotls to breed. You’ll start near the entrance to a multi-level cavern, and if you explore further, you’ll discover mines and an ancient city.

Mansion overlooking a dripstone cave

Plant: 8486214866965744170

This seed is prime real estate. You’ll spawn in a windswept savannah within walking distance of a mansion that offers stunning views of a waterfall flowing into a drip cave. The mansion will only appear if you’re playing the Java version, but it’s still a great place to build your base.

Windswept Winter Village

Plant: -144545965546022897

If you prefer cold climates, this seed puts you in the middle of multiple icy environments. The centerpiece is a unique village that sits at the base of a towering spire. The village will only be there if you play the Bedrock version.

Ancient City Seed

Plant: 565535403532980236

This one’s definitely not for beginners, but if you want to dive straight into one of Minecraft’s most elusive biomes, give this ancient city seed a try. Keep an eye out for Guardians and other malevolent mobs while you search for loot. The risks are high, but the potential rewards are huge.

Start in the Badlands

Plant: 5155879575039368840

You will start in the badlands biome where you can find Terracotta to build your base. If you travel around a bit, you will find the entrance to a drip cave that leads to an ancient city. There is also a village near the starting point.

bamboo panda island

Plant: 120637665933994616

Just like in real life, pandas are ultra rare in Minecraft, so you might need this seed if you want to see one. You’ll start on an island filled with several pandas, bamboo, and not much else. Also, like in real life, pandas aren’t very helpful, but they’re undeniably adorable.

snow mountain valley

Plant: 37590468043465965

Ideal for hikers, this world features a vast valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains. To find it, use the teleport command or go to coordinates X=8474, Y=110, Z=5651. Beyond the mountain range there is a nearby village, a portal to the End, and an ancient city.

Structure group

Plant: 3546842701776989958

Tired of wandering the map looking for specific structures? This rare seed has a desert village with an outpost, a nether portal, a desert temple, and a shipwreck. There are a variety of biomes in each direction, so you shouldn’t have to stray far to find everything you need.

king of the mountain

Plant: 5147723731320877628

Want to reach the highest possible point in Minecraft? You’ll start in a rocky peaks biome where you can climb up to get great views of your Minecraft world. You will see dozens of different biomes and structures from the highest peaks. Travel southwest from the spawn point and descend inside the mountain to explore the ancient cities.

Biome Sampler

Plant: 5890542

Many players consider biome samplers to be the best seeds in Minecraft because they give you wide access to a variety of resources. This seed spawns a massive island with nearly every biome and structure in the game, so you can do pretty much anything without exploring too much.

Coral Lake Paradise

Plant: 599282705

You will start in the badlands, but look around. you will discover the entrance to a lush cave on the mountainside. Look down the cliff into the water to see a majestic coral reef lake flowing into a large coral reef biome. Head east from the starting point to find villages, temples, monuments, and more.