The Allay is coming to Minecraft Bedrock Edition

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A new beta update has been rolled out adding Minecraft Bedrock, bringing new experimental features including Allay.

If you only have Minecraft Bedrock Edition, you might feel uncomfortable because Java players can test Ancient Cities and The Warden in-game right now. Well, in that case, you might be pleased to hear that you can be among the first to experience the new Allay mob, as it was first released in Bedrock’s latest beta,

Hermitcraft YouTuber Xisuma gives us the truth about the Allay

Minecraft Bedrock Beta Patch Notes Feature Allay

As of March 9, 2022, Minecraft Live Mob Vote winner The Allay is now available in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition Beta and The Minecraft Preview. Other changes have also been made to The Deep Dark Biome, as Sculk Catalyst blocks have had their textures updated and the Darkness effect now kicks in when Sculk Shriekers are activated.

What does Allay do in Minecraft

An Allay will roam the overworld looking for items that match what they hold in their hand. A purposeless Allay in his hand will simply fly through the overworld aimlessly. The player can send the ally in search of a specific object by clicking on the ally with said object in hand. So this little creature will gather items at your request and bring them back to you. If you prefer the Allay to drop the items in a specific location, for example if you have an automated sorting system in place, you can place a notepad and play it near the Allay. The friendly blue mob will then drop their items there instead of bringing them to the player.

Where to find the Allay in Minecraft

Allays will be quite difficult to find, as they will spawn in jails outside of looter outposts and in jail rooms inside Woodland Mansions. If you find one, make sure you don’t let it out before giving it an item, or it might fly away and be difficult to catch.

Other Wild Update Features in Bedrock Beta Patch Notes

Frogs were introduced to the experimental features of Minecraft Bedrock Edition in update These adorable new creatures can be found in different variations depending on the biome they are discovered in, just like foxes, and have other even more unique mechanics. When frogs spawn, they will actually spawn tadpoles, which marks a first for Minecraft, in that the “child” mob is actually different from the “parent”, bringing two new mobs to the game in one fell swoop. .


In addition to this mob’s unique spawn and aging, there’s an incredible new rare mob drop that comes from a frog attacking a small magma cube. Because obviously they come into contact all the time… The Froglight Block is yet another new light source for Minecraft (can’t wait to check it out in RTX), and drops from a small Magma Cube when is eaten by a frog. The frog stays alive, you’ll be glad to hear that. The only way to do that is to survive, but that would be bringing a frog into the Nether or a magma cube into the Overworld, which would be a much more dangerous procedure. You can potentially farm Froglights by bringing frogs into the Nether and setting up a farm near a Magma Cube Spawner. However, this is still an experimental mechanic, so the way to get a Froglight might change before the block is fully released.

How to Play Beta Experimental Features in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

To access the above features, you must have the Bedrock Beta or The Minecraft Preview installed. The Minecraft preview is available now on Xbox consoles, while you’ll need an invite on iOS or Windows 10/11. Without the invite, you can still play with experimental features.

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