The first 3 episodes of story mode are now available on Netflix

While developer Telltale Games sadly experienced large-scale layoffs that led to the end of the studios just months ago, those looking to check out some of the studio’s past projects can now enjoy the family-friendly experience of Minecraft: story mode and probably one of the studio’s last projects, on Netflix.

The first three episodes of Minecraft: story mode have made their way onto Netflix starting today, which provides viewers with the ability to watch and interact with episodes and make decisions that will carry over into subsequent installments just like the game’s release on previous platforms. According to Netflix’s page for the series, the final two episodes of Minecraft: story mode will be released on the platform on December 5, 2018 to complete the first season.

In September of this year, Telltale Games had quickly shut down due to severe financial difficulties and business circumstances, leading the studio to halt development on its upcoming projects such as The Wolf Among Us: Season 2 and a project based on Netflix’s own original series, stranger things.

At that time, the interactive Netflix adaptation of Minecraft: story mode would have been among the studio’s last projects before shutting down, while the remaining two episodes of The Walking Dead: The Final Season have gone on to be completed by Skybound Entertainment.

Minecraft: story modeThe first three interactive episodes of can now be streamed via Netflix, while the remaining two episodes will be available via the streaming platform on December 5.

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