The first free seasonal adventure, Cloudy Climb, is coming to Minecraft Dungeons on December 14


Today, developers Mojang Studios and Double Eleven officially confirmed that their previously announced Seasonal Adventures content will be coming to Minecraft Dungeons on December 14th.

Yes, the first of the upcoming themed events will be called Cloudy Climb and will feature a new progression system, weekly challenges, and a procedurally generated tower that changes shape when you least expect it. The best part? It will be completely free for those who have purchased the game.

Feel free to check out the new launch date reveal video below:

As you can see in the images above, the dungeon-crawler will also get a few extra trinkets. Specifically, there will also be a bunch of new pets, emotes, and flairs added to the mix.

Our very own Chris Jecks reviewed Minecraft Dungeons on PC when it launched in May last year, and enjoyed his time with the game, ultimately giving it a 3.5/5 rating, concluding:

Minecraft Dungeons is undoubtedly entertaining, and despite all my gripes, I find myself drawn in, lured into increasingly difficult challenges as I move towards better gear. In particular, I look forward to my friends joining me. It’s just a shame there isn’t more content that we’ll all be diving into together when the time comes.

Luckily, with these seasonal adventures looming in the pipeline, our criticisms of the lack of content may have finally been improved.

For more information on Cloudy Climb, here’s an official description courtesy of Mojang Games:

Toot the hype horns! Play a tune on the Anticipation Accordion! Get together and read every word of this article! There’s a windy ad to share, and it’s all about Cloudy rise.

Not the kind of cloudy climb that’s my challenge to get out of bed half asleep every morning, but Minecraft Dungeons’ first seasonal adventure. During Minecraft Live, we shared some information about what’s to come, and today we’re thrilled to announce that this free update will be launching on December 14. Yay!

There are plenty of reasons to be excited! Cloudy Climb will introduce new free content that includes an all-new progression system, weekly challenges, and a looming tower that – whether you like it or not – love reorganize as soon as he gets the chance. Typical procedurally generated tower behavior, but also the perfect place to test your skills and acquire Adventure Points!

Adventure Points allow you to unlock seasonal rewards such as adorable pets, dazzling capes, colorful flairs, and fun emotes that provide new ways to communicate with other players. For my part, I plan on being the cutest member of my party and dabbing the emote to my heart’s content. If it’s there, why not use it?

And for those of you who just can’t get enough of these rewards, there’s a second premium rewards track with additional goodies, which can be unlocked by purchasing the Adventure pass. These rewards have no impact on gameplay, but they look brilliant! Uh, well, unless you plan on using the Ender skin.